From Hazard to Hi-Tech: Transforming Waste Collection with Advanced Safety Tech

– 2 Min Read

As we gear up for Waste 360’s Waste Expo annual convention from May 7-9 in Las Vegas, our latest Right on Time with RouteSmart podcast episode discusses the critical role route optimization and telematics play in transforming safety and efficiency in the waste and recycling industry. Featuring expert insights from David Biderman, former SWANA CEO and President of Biderman Consulting, LLC, Senior Business Development Manager Jessica Cearfoss and Senior Client Success Manager Danielle Baci of RouteSmart, and Tim Bath, Director of Hauling, Rumpke, this discussion is pivotal for anyone in the industry looking to enhance operational outcomes.

In this episode, we explore the major safety challenges that plague the industry, including property damage, worker injuries, and life-threatening incidents on collection routes. Our experts discuss how innovations in route optimization are not just beneficial but essential for addressing these issues. By optimizing routes, companies can reduce risks, improve efficiency, and significantly lower costs associated with waste and recycling operations.

This podcast is more than a conversation—it’s a practical guide on leveraging route optimization technologies to achieve safer, more effective operations. As we prepare for the Waste Expo, join us to learn about the technological strides that are shaping a safer, more productive future for waste management. Tune in to gain actionable insights and understand the substantial impact that strategic route planning can have on your business.

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