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We address the most complex routing challenges through a precision-oriented approach that ensures the safety of drivers and assets and reduces operating costs through the automation of route planning processes.

RouteSmart’s core values are embedded in everything our team does, and for more than 40 years we have been solving the world’s most complex routing challenges. 


We strive to develop responsible vehicle route plans to safeguard our clients and the communities they serve. Each turn and maneuver your vehicles will make is thoroughly analyzed before the day starts, aiming to assist your drivers in enhancing their work methods.


Improve your operations by reducing time, mileage, and frustration. Your daily route plans will be more efficient and give you a competitive edge.


Rooted in operations research and focused on continuous enhancement, our technology is honed to exceed expectations and quickly solve complex, large-scale route optimization and planning problems without compromising quality.


Our dedicated industry experts serve as partners & routing consultants. We work as an extension of our clients’ teams to provide value and improve the return on your investment.

Industry Experts

Our seasoned industry experts bring decades of valuable experience to the sectors we serve, and our ethos is firmly embedded in our in-house operations research and product development teams. They collaborate to tackle intricate route optimization challenges, ensuring effective solutions for our clients.

Increased Efficiency

We start by listening to your unique needs, challenges, and goals to fully understand your business requirements and constraints.

Improved Accuracy

Our team of experts conducts a thorough analysis of your operations, data, and other relevant factors to identify opportunities for improvement and develop innovative solutions.

Enhanced Customer Service

We collaborate closely with you throughout the development process, sharing our expertise and seeking your input to ensure that the solutions we create meet your needs and expectations.

Designed for Growth

We partner with you to implement the solutions we have co-created, providing training and support to ensure that your team can maximize the benefits of our technology and services.

Decrease planning time, improve operational efficiency, and lower costs.

“RouteSmart’s dynamic solutions solved what other routing tools could not.”

Chad Huntington, Manager of GIS and Engineering Systems

The City of Burnaby, BC

Intelligent planning for efficient operations. Our solutions provide reliable, real-world results to conquer your route planning challenges and maximize your investment.


Annual savings generated for a single client performing local deliveries, who uses our intelligent route planning solutions to optimize last-mile delivery and maximize efficiency for drivers.


More daily reads for clients in the Utilities industry, with one client generating 300 routes in just two days—allowing for intelligent maximization of your AMR investment.


Reduction in daily mileage achieved by our clients in the Newspaper industry, who use our solutions to automate daily routing to build profitable carrier routes for maximum efficiency.


Years in partnership with clients in the Waste Collection and Public Works sectors, who have successfully balanced and sequenced routes for a 5% improvement in efficiency using our route planning solutions.

Via our relationship-driven process, we equip clients with smart routing solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations.

“It was so successful – each time we rerouted we saw the gains.”

Chris McCarthy, Logistics Director


Proven results. Maximized efficiencies.

The most successful firms around the world partner with RouteSmart.

We are a global leader in route optimization and planning, and have clients, partners and distributors in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Careers at RouteSmart 

We’re constantly looking for top-talent industry experts to support our mission of providing safe, smart, and viable routing solutions to clients around the world. Discover the career opportunities currently available. 

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