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Build efficient route plans faster, reduce travel distance and operating costs. It all adds up to give you an edge over the competition. 

The key to being competitive? Optimized delivery route planning. Discover how the RouteSmart Route Health Score™ can make your route planning as effective and efficient as possible.

01Proven Results



Reducing travel time and distance from every route, every day can save millions of dollars and give you an edge over your competition.



Build balanced routes to equalize driver workloads. Create logical neighborhood sequences that simplify loading and retrieving packages.

Cut planning


Get drivers on the road up to 30 minutes faster. Provide your team with reliable, accurate delivery sequences solutions aligned with the way drivers work.



Seamlessly integrate with your existing sorting machines, warehousing, and telematics systems. Our industry experience + standard API returns results almost immediately.

Efficient courier management is crucial to adapting to change and keeping your competitive edge.

“On average, we saved 5% in delivery times on a nationwide level. The performance is really outstanding.”

Juha Tolvanen, Director, Network Management, eCommerce and Delivery Services


02Technology & Solutions 

We understand the objectives you have in order to manage your needs, which is why our experts continuously engineer our software with your route planning needs in mind to ensure you get the most from your operations. 

Letter Carrier Route Planning

Manage the big picture and proactively plan for changing volumes. Update letter carrier territories and sequences with side-of-street level detail.

Parcel & Package Delivery

Adapt quickly to operational changes with fast, efficient daily route planning. Get drivers on the road earlier and deliver more. 

Newspaper-Parcel Integration

Leverage existing fleets to deliver more. Build efficient daily route plans that integrate parcels with newspapers and more.

Our clients have achieved real results and real value with RouteSmart solutions.

Advanced Route Planning Solutions

We deliver tailored route optimization solutions combining leading-edge operations research with decades of experience and understanding of the industries we serve. 

Scalable web services

RaaS encompasses web services and enterprise solutions that allow you to create better solutions, faster. RaaS builds geographically compact, logical and balanced workloads in a fraction of the time it takes other systems to build less efficient routes.

Detailed planning & analysis

Support GIS-based analysis of route operations by leveraging the world’s leading desktop GIS system from Esri, powered by RouteSmart business intelligence. RouteSmart for ArcGIS® Pro is integrated with RouteSmart Online and RaaS to allow you to import, analyze, and edit your data.

03Outcomes & Resources

Make your route planning as effective and efficient as possible.

Discover how the RouteSmart Route Health Score™ can help you stay competitive by optimizing your delivery route planning.

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