Our Approach

Route planning is fundamental to your business. Before a single truck leaves your facilities, you need to build the foundation for a successful, efficient day.

Our clients benefit from a precision-oriented detailed approach to solving daily route planning problems, achieving greater efficiency, and improving safety and customer satisfaction.

Backed by a team of leading industry experts and a global network of distributors and partners, we understand the challenges you face and we are constantly innovating to meet your changing distribution demands.

01Our Clients

You expect value and we deliver.

We provide value to your operations and give you the tools to be successful. Our core values of safety, efficiency, innovation, and relationships drive us to make our clients successful with RouteSmart solutions and help you discover and maximize ROI faster than other technologies.

We know your business.

We have decades of experience focusing on our core industries and we understand the details of delivery and service route planning and optimization for high-density residential and medium-density commercial businesses. Whether you are delivering packages, performing inspections, or running waste and recycling routes, we have solutions that meet your needs.

Your data is your data.

We have created an open system/architecture to allow the free flow of data through your other systems. We partner with other best-in-class technology companies to allow you to run your operations the way you believe is most efficient, and make sure you’re not locked into a platform that doesn’t work the way you work.

We help you succeed.

Our relationship-driven processes enable us to deliver the ideal route optimization solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations. RouteSmart Client Services and Client Success teams partner with you to help you get the most out of your investment from day one. Successful implementation and technical support is only the start. You will continue to build value with training programs, webinars, certification, and in-person events.

  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Operations reporting and evaluation
  • Routing University Training
  • Webinars
  • Becoming a RouteSmart Certified Routing Professional
  • Intersect User Conferences

02Our Industries

We solve complex routing challenges.

Discover more about the service and delivery industries that have achieved success with RouteSmart

Route planning forms the foundation of your operations.

Before a single truck leaves your facility in the morning, they will have a safer, more efficient plan that minimizes wasted time and maximizes efficiency.

More than 40 years of innovation.

We focus on five core sectors and have been innovating and refining our solutions for more than four decades.

Leveraging our business knowledge across industries.

We bring the findings from all of our industries together to continue offering the most innovative answers to your route planning challenges.

03Operations Research

Vehicle routing and scheduling.

Operations research forms the backbone of the high-quality vehicle route planning and optimization algorithms our clients come to expect from us. RouteSmart has a very specific focus within operations research – vehicle routing and scheduling.

Where efficiency meets safety.

We sweat the details to help you operate more efficiently and our staff includes O.R professionals with decades of experience helping you reduce costs and improve safety compliance.


Create safe, responsible routes.

We help you create responsible vehicle route plans for the protection of our clients and the communities you serve. Better safety planning benefits drivers and the people around them.

Improve the driver experience.

Our safety focus means planning every service to be on the correct side of the street, making sure turns across busy traffic lanes are minimized, planning routes that reduce driver frustration and fatigue, and more.


Optimize your operations.

In a world that is changing at an increased velocity and becoming more competitive than ever, you need to operate at peak efficiency.

Streamline your processes.

Optimize routes, reduce operating costs, minimize fuel consumption, and improve customer service by implementing advanced algorithms and geospatial technology to streamline complex route planning processes.

Honed for decades, our technologies help you realize time-to-value much faster than others. Our clients agree and rave about the real results and real value gained from RouteSmart. 

Our experts work closely with you to tailor solutions that meet your precise routing requirements.

“It’s been nothing but a great experience working with RouteSmart for the past 16+ years.”

Paul Pratt


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