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Improve profitability, increase deliveries, and reduce carrier turnover and subscriber complaints with RouteSmart Online. We’ll show you how to solve your daily distribution dilemmas.

RouteSmart Online optimizes newspaper delivery for more than 6.8 million subscribers sequenced across 45,000 carrier routes every night. 

01Proven Results for Newspaper Delivery

Delivery efficiently

Route planning & optimization ensure the most direct and time-saving routes, reducing delivery time, saving money, and improving distribution efficiency. 

Reduce costs

By optimizing routes, newspapers can save on fuel costs, overtime expenses, and vehicle maintenance, boosting profitability.

Satisfy customers

Timely deliveries result in happier subscribers, leading to reduced complaints and improved overall customer service.

Allocate resources

Proper route planning allows newspapers to utilize their fleet and manpower more effectively, optimizing resource allocation.

RouteSmart Online optimizes 6.8 million subscribers across 45,000 carrier routes every night.

“Working with RouteSmart is one of the most progressive initiatives that we’ve undertaken in route management and cost control.”

Chris McCarthy, Logistics Director

New Zealand Media and Entertainment

02RouteSmart Online

RouteSmart Online is a powerful, hosted solution that automates and optimizes your daily home delivery and single-copy route planning. All subscription levels – Basic, Standard, and Advanced – include quarterly RouteSmart Online Business Reviews. We work alongside your team to dive deep into your usage and discuss how to get the most out of our solution. 

Dispatching & Analysis

Efficiently manage dispatching challenges like down routes, absent carriers and late publications. Analyze delivery data that may be difficult to obtain from circulation systems via standard reports and queries.

Route Optimization & Editing

Perform route optimization using our industry-leading solvers and quickly fine-tune by swapping subscriber locations from one route to another.

Geographic Route Planning

Visualize and maintain your route structure at the street level and make changes faster than ever. Easily manage any new or short-term stops added nightly without having to update your router file.

Analytics & Reporting

Understand the impact of route changes to new or existing routing scenarios with the Route Health Score, a quantitative efficiency score, exclusive to RouteSmart Online clients.

03Outcomes & Resources

Make your route planning as effective and efficient as possible.

Discover how the RouteSmart Route Health Score™ can help you stay competitive by optimizing your delivery route planning.

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