Goin’ Parcel: Newspaper Experts Discuss New Wave of Parcel Delivery on Talking Logistics Podcast

RouteSmart Senior Business Development Manager Jason Fry and Derrick Stanford, VP of Business Development for RouteSmart Client, Postmedia Network Inc., recently appeared on Adrian Gonzalez’s Talking Logistics podcast to discuss how newspaper companies are dipping their toes into parcel delivery to create new revenue streams.

As e-commerce continues to grow globally, news organizations are finding new opportunities in parcel delivery. With the pandemic driving more online shopping, customers have increasingly high expectations for timely and safe delivery. News organizations are capitalizing on their existing distribution facilities and delivery networks to enter the parcel delivery market, positioning themselves for success.

A leader in the new wave, Postmedia Network Inc. in Canada launched Postmedia Parcel Services in May 2021, partnering with other newspapers to form a national network. By repositioning their legacy distribution network for multi-purpose, last-mile delivery, Postmedia and other news organizations are finding new revenue streams while providing high-quality editorial content to their subscribers.

During the podcast, the dynamic duo of Fry and Stanford discussed how technology can work wonders to streamline the delivery process, using data-driven decision-making to optimize delivery routes and solve the distribution dilemma with the help of RouteSmart’s Routing as a Service (RaaS) technology.

Ultimately, the podcast emphasized how important it is to stay ahead of the game in the tech and innovation world. But we’ll let you decide for yourselves! Watch here.

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