Utilities & Field Service Routing Software

Streamline route planning for meter reading operations and workforce deployment with solutions trusted by the largest utilities to reduce mileage, overtime, and operating costs.

Overcome route planning challenges and maximize efficiency. Discover how RouteSmart can optimize your field service routes to reduce operating costs. 

01Benefits for Utilities

Optimize meter reading

Improve balance throughout the month using cycle day balancing tools that minimize impact on billing and maximize efficiency.  Model precise side-of-street walking and driving patterns.

Consolidate field service work

Optimize daily routing in seconds, eliminate inefficient manual route planning and driving sequence decisions. Accommodate strict time windows and job-type classifications.

Improve inspection routing 

Efficiently plan compliance work for surveys and inspections. Design post-AMI meter inspection and maintenance routes faster.

Streamline AMR routes

Maiximize your investment in automated meter reading (AMR) systems with solutions that understand ERT read-ranges and reduce travel distance of meter reading routes by 50% or more.

RouteSmart creates precise solutions for utilities facing route planning challenges.

“Once we got involved with RouteSmart, we were able to generate 300 routes in two days.”

Matt Wagers

Colorado Springs Utilities

02Technology & Solutions

Developing route plans within business requirements, our route optimization solutions allow utilities to balance meter reading workloads into uninterrupted geographic areas across cycle days.

Once cycle days are balanced, you can easily create daily routes that provide appropriate workloads for your meter readers. Using advanced settings, you have the power to minimize travel distances for traditional walking and driving routes.

Field Service Work Orders

Optimize dynamic daily routing in seconds to eliminate inefficient manual routing and sequencing decisions. Accommodate strict time windows and job-type classifications. 

Inspection & Compliance

Satisfy compliance requirements for surveys and inspections, efficiently schedule fieldwork, and design post-AMI meter inspection routes.

AMR Route Optimization

Balance cycle days and improve existing routes. Model precise side-of-street travel patterns for walking and driving routes.

Walk/Drive Meter Reading

Balance cycle days and improve existing routes. Model precise side-of-street travel patterns for walking and driving routes.

Proven route planning solutions

Our proven solutions integrate with client-side systems to form a complete routing solution that meets the evolving operational needs of the utility industry.

Detailed planning & analysis

Support GIS-based analysis of route operations by leveraging the world’s leading desktop GIS system from Esri. RouteSmart for ArcGIS® Pro is integrated with RouteSmart Online and RaaS to allow you to import, analyze, and edit your data.

Scalable web services

Streamline route planning for your workforce management systems, inspections, and daily field service activities with RaaS web services. Gain access to our powerful optimization algorithms through our standard API, making implementation and ROI faster than ever.

Consulting and training

Allow our industry experts to build a better foundation by completing rerouting projects for you. Projects can range from targeting a limited geographic meter reading area to a complete redesign of the cycles/workdays, routes, and sequences for every meter in your service territory.

03Outcomes & Resources

Make your route planning as effective and efficient as possible.

Discover how the RouteSmart Route Health Score™ can help you stay competitive by optimizing your delivery route planning.

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