Achieve unparalleled precision, safety, and cost reduction with our route planning solutions. Our real-world proven solutions enhance fleet operations, ensuring efficient newspaper, postal, public works, waste collection, and utilities services worldwide.

Waste Collection

Achieve greater efficiency, improved safety outcomes and cost savings with our proven route planning solutions. Trust us to optimize routes for waste collection, recycling, bulky trash pick-ups, and more, ensuring better, more efficient service to millions daily. Reduce travel distance, cut costs, and meet environmental mandates for seamless waste management. Your fleet’s efficiency is vital to counter rising fuel, labor costs, and environmental requirements. Let us help you provide top-notch service while saving resources.

Public Works

Save money and resources in street sweeping, snow plowing, and other municipal public works functions with our proven route planning and optimization solutions. Efficiently planned routes cut costs, reduce expensive fuel consumption, and minimize environmental impact. Revolutionize your operations to provide better service to your community. 

Postal & Local Delivery

Separate yourself from the competition with the best route planning and optimization solutions. Adapt swiftly to changing distribution methods and volume fluctuations. Achieve a competitive edge through efficient distribution planning, regardless of your business size. Realize reduced planning time, optimized delivery sequences, minimized travel distance, and maximized daily deliveries with our proven solutions.

Utilities & Field Service

Transform your utility services with our expert solutions trusted by the largest utilities for over 30 years. Maximize field service productivity. Optimize AMR, driving, and walking meter reading operations. Say goodbye to cumbersome route designs and welcome streamlined, outcome-driven utility operations that ensure customer satisfaction and cost savings. 

Newspaper Delivery

Conquer your distribution dilemma with our industry-leading solutions. Seamlessly manage newspaper delivery route planning and achieve proven results regardless of circulation size or complexity. Embrace innovation to meet future route planning and optimization needs with efficiency and ease.

Through our relationship-driven process, we provide clients with the most effective solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations. 

“RouteSmart far exceeded any of the expectations of the system integration and the results that we really needed.”

Carol Huddleston, Corporate Director of Consumer Services

Lee Enterprises

Intelligent route planning. Proven results.

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