Redesigned and it feels so good: Unveiling our sleek, info-packed, enhanced website experience

Innovation: Meet sophistication. In 2023, the marketing team at RouteSmart embarked on a journey to rewrite and redesign its website, As the curtains lifted in 2024, we proudly presented it to the world.

The focus was clear: reshape the online experience. Every pixel was meticulously crafted, combining sleek aesthetics with unparalleled functionality to pave the way for an immersive and intuitive user experience.

The website launched in February, and we recently caught up with VP of Marketing Doug Hill to dive into its key highlights.

Q: When renovating the website, what was a major focus area?

DH: One of our key highlights is prioritizing information crucial to our customers. Front and center, visitors can easily access industry-specific insights, thanks to the five markets highlighted prominently at the top of the homepage. This allows them to swiftly optimize their service and delivery routes for success.

Q: Five markets? RouteSmart traditionally focused on four. Why the addition?

DH: Over time, we realized the public works and waste collection sectors each had unique challenges in route planning. So, we’ve separated them on the website, tailoring information to better serve their specific needs.

Q: How does the website showcase customer success stories?

DH: Client success stories take center stage, showcasing real-world examples of our technology’s impact. From municipalities to waste management companies, success stories from each of our five core markets demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions.

Q: How can potential clients benefit from the website?

DH: We’ve introduced “FIX YOUR ROUTES,” allowing clients to experience firsthand how RouteSmart can improve their operations. By uploading their data, they receive customized route optimization reports, gaining insights into potential benefits.

Q: How does the new website differ from the previous version?

DH: We’ve revamped it with a modern, intuitive interface for seamless navigation. Faster and optimized for mobile devices, it ensures clients can access vital information anytime, anywhere. The redesigned website significantly enhances the user experience, inspiring confidence in our solutions and demonstrating their value to our clients’ businesses.

Final thoughts

Those who dedicated themselves to this project put thought and effort into creating a platform reflecting RouteSmart’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. We’re confident the new website will be a valuable resource, exceeding expectations for years to come.

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