RouteSmart Technologies Lights Up Vegas with Special Guest for Waste Expo

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The largest waste and recycling event is back in Las Vegas this year and we’ll have a handful of aces in our trade show booth for this epic three-day event.

Waste Expo, an event by Waste360, is coming to Las Vegas from May 6-9 and we’re excited to announce David Biderman, President of Biderman Consulting, LLC and a leading expert on safety in the solid waste industry, will be joining us in our booth number 4017.  

Biderman and our team of industry experts, Senior Business Development Manager Jessica Cearfoss, Senior Client Success Manager Danielle Baci, Senior Product Development Managers Mike Corder and Amy Ma; Product Market Manager Heidi McDonnell, and Vice President of Marketing Doug Hill, will be showcasing our route planning and optimization solutions including RouteSmart Online – a new and powerful tool for the waste industry.

The former Executive Director of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), David Biderman will be part of a panel discussing “Safety First: Establishing a Stronger Safety Culture,” at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 8 in room W311-312. He’ll be joined by Matt Spencer, CEO, LRS[DB1] , David Bennett, Solid Waste Director, City of Scottsdale, and Manish Anandpara, Senior VP, Macquarie Asset Management.

The solid waste and recycling industry is recognized as one of the most dangerous sectors in North America, underscoring the vital need for continuous improvement in safety practices and protocols to protect its workers.

“As we gather at this year’s Waste Expo, our collective commitment to safety and innovation takes center stage,” Biderman said. “It’s a privilege to share insights and strategies that can help elevate our industry’s safety culture and I’m excited to explore how we can continue to make a tangible difference together.”

David Biderman has provided safety training to many thousands of solid waste workers throughout the US. He created Safety Monday (NWRA) and Safety First (SWANA), the associations’ weekly safety newsletters, and received an industry safety award in 2017.

RouteSmart and Biderman have teamed up on many projects together, most recently collaborating on a podcast about the challenges of alley service in the waste and recycling industry.

Waste Expo attracts a diverse group of professionals from North America eager to explore over 550 exhibits and engage in comprehensive discussions on recycling, landfill management, fleet management, safety, and beyond. It’s an unmatched opportunity for growth, learning, and connection.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Waste Expo and diving into meaningful discussions, gaining insights, and discovering how we can help make the solid waste industry safer for everyone involved.

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