Alley-Oops: Unveiling the Waste Woes of Alley Service

We’re talking trash again, and this one may be right up your alley. 

Kicking off the first episode of Season 4, Solid Waste Expert and Former SWANA Executive Director/CEO David Biderman joins the Director of Solid Waste for the City of Baltimore Department of Public Works, Craig Jeter, and RouteSmart Technologies’ Senior Business Development Manager Jessica Cearfoss in a robust discussion about the unique safety and logistical challenges that alley service collection presents. 

Hosted by Senior Communications Director Matthew Kemeny, our panel of experts uncovers the unseen hurdles of city waste services and shares innovative strategies for safer and more efficient alley collection practices. Tune in for our latest episode for a deep dive into urban alleyways where we’re not just hauling away the trash—we’re redefining waste management from the ground up.

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