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Objective Route Planning: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization

August 26, 2020

When business management guru Peter Drucker uttered the words, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it,” he simply meant that if you can’t measure something to know the results, there’s no way you can get better at it.

This advice applies in the route planning arena, where waste management companies are leveraging technology and data to improve their operations and eke more efficiencies out of them.

Using the RouteSmart Route Health Score™, you can measure the effectiveness of your route planning and then use that data for good, forward-thinking decision making. With good route balancing, for example, all applicable drivers will have 8-hour routes (versus basing everything on seniority and “how we’ve done things in the past”).
A good route optimization platform will readjust as needed using an objective numerical score. If, for example, routes cross over one another, the platform will pick up on that inefficiency and make the necessary changes. It does this by recognizing how many times drivers pass down similar roads over and over again.

These are just a few different ways that the Route Health Score supports incremental improvements over time, all while ensuring both measurable and actionable key metrics.

To learn more about how Route Health Score can make your route planning as effective as possible, download our eBook and contact me at

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Jessica Cearfoss, Business Development Manager

Jessica specializes in the public works sector, nurturing sales leads to become long-standing customers. As main point of contact for public works customers, Jessica helps prospects understand route optimization and how our software can harness their data to achieve their performance goals. She also conducts demonstrations for our suite of software products targeted to the public works sector, including RouteSmart for ArcGIS, RouteSmart Navigator and RouteSourcing.