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RouteSmart extends deal with Here Technologies

RouteSmart users provided more than 6,000 map updates in the last year

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RouteSmart has extended its deal with Here Technologies to build improved route optimisation and mapping solutions for customers across the newspaper, postal, parcel, public works and utility industries.

Since 2003, RouteSmart has combined Here street and mapping data with the RouteSmart routing solutions to power routing, mapping and logistics capabilities for global customers.

In addition, RouteSmart uses Here services such as Planned Known Incidents and Historical Traffic Patterns to gain insights from data and provide more detailed and refined results.

RouteSmart customers use Here Map Creator to edit their own maps, noting when roads, routes, places and house numbers change to improve and enhance the accuracy of routes.

“The quality and accuracy of Here street data is second to none and compliments our precise routing solutions to support our large global customers,” said RouteSmart Sales and Marketing president, Chris Walz.

“Our clients use Here to build a complex street network and understand one-way streets, elevations, address ranges, turn exceptions and a variety of other valuable attributes.”

The RouteSmart tool also gives users the ability to edit the service areas of their Here Map Creator. RouteSmart users provided more than 6,000 map updates in the last year and, overall, there were more than a million map edits in 2020.

“The extension of our long-standing relationship with RouteSmart highlights almost two decades of working together,” added senior director and head of Transportation & Logistics Sales, Stuart Ryan.

“RouteSmart works with several big-name global customers that rely on detailed and accurate map data and routing to streamline their transportation and deliveries, saving time and valuable resources.”

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