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RouteSmart Technologies provides industry-proven routing software with route optimization solutions that solve the most complex routing challenges. With unrivaled precision and processing performance, our route optimization software enhances safety, reduces costs and creates efficiencies for newspaper, postal and local delivery, public works and utilities clients around the world.

Our team of leading experts, supported by best-in-class technology partners and a global network of exclusive distributors, understand the routing requirements our clients face and stand ready to meet the demands of the industries we serve.

With decades of proven operations research expertise and a constant focus on innovation, we offer vehicle routing software that paves the way toward more efficient fleet operations.

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RouteSmart Support Team Now TSIA Certified
As a widely regarded authority on technical support and customer service, Miller Heiman Group helped our team enhance their skills to continue exceeding our clients’ expectations through confident, secure and focused communication.
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3 Crucial Tools for Local Knowledge: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
If the routing platform you’re using or assessing doesn’t include advanced tools for making manual adjustments on the fly, you miss out on significant efficiency and safety benefits.
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2020 Esri User Conference | July 13–16, 2020
The 2020 Esri User Conference (Esri UC) is a completely virtual event providing users with an interactive, online experience with Esri and the GIS community.
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We have worked with our clients in the waste management sector to figure out how to make our routes as efficient as possible.
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Industry Insights: Commercial and Residential Waste Management
We recently sat down (virtually, of course) with Jessica Cearfoss, Business Development Manager in the Public Works Sector, to discuss waste collection during the COVID-19 crisis and what the industry could look like in the coming months.
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Intelligent and Safe Turns: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
Making safe, intelligent turns while on the road. Let’s face it, waste collection vehicles are big, bulky and difficult to maneuver.
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Double Your Knowledge with Twice the eXpert Services Time
Each year, upon annual renewal of the RouteSmart for ArcGIS software maintenance agreement, you are entitled to receive a bundle of five complimentary hours of eXpert Services.
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Side of Street Routing: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
When shopping around for a routing platform, make sure side of street specific routing is at the top of your must-have list.
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Discouraging Travel on Commercial-Prohibited Streets
We sweat the details at RouteSmart. After 30+ years of refining our algorithms based on the input of hundreds of industry-leading clients, we believe our solutions are the best in the business for the industries we serve.
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Side of Street Geocoding: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
Geocoding is the conversion of a location’s description – an address, a pair of geographic coordinates, or a specific place – into a location on a digital map.
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Routes2theRescue: Here to Help
As we navigate these challenging times, we are teaming up with HERE to assist with Routes2TheRescue.
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Automated Sequencing: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
For organizations serving their customers on regular pickup and delivery routes, the sequencing of those interactions can have a huge impact on productivity and progress.
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Automated Route Balancing: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
For the waste industry, developing routes that are equitable across the entire fleet is a crucial aspect of daily efficiency
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Committed to Your Success: Remote Support & Training Available
As we all go through this difficult period together, know that we remain committed to helping you succeed. To ensure the safety of our team and yours, we made some temporary adjustments to our services that will be important for your continued success.
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Unified Routing Platforms: Evaluating Solutions for Public Works Route Optimization
Focused on addressing technical challenges, meeting their customers’ needs and operating across numerous geographical markets, public works organizations need unified routing platforms that help them save time, money and hassle.
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RouteSmart Support Amidst COVID-19
The extraordinary situation unfolding around the world with people taking action to contain the spread of COVID-19 affects us all. We recognize that many of our clients serve industries that must continue to operate despite the rapidly evolving societal changes, and we know that you depend on the performance of our products and solutions and support of our people to do so efficiently.
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How Delivery Companies Can Use Routing Optimization to Offset AB5
How California’s new “gig economy” law is pushing companies that manage or rely on local transportation to rethink the way they route, schedule, and assign their delivery routes.
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WalkMe Enhances RouteSmart Online User Experience
RouteSmart Technologies is excited to announce an enhanced experience in RouteSmart Online to help you get started faster, discover more value, and find help when needed. Introducing WalkMe, your personal guide for using RouteSmart Online.
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Happy New Year from RouteSmart Technologies!
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Changes to RouteSmart Online
RouteSmart Online Basic now includes Analysis functionality and Advanced Edition will soon feature Work Area Design.
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INTERSECT 2019 in the Books
One hundred guests from the U.S., South America, U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand converged on Baltimore for three days of networking and learning.
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Do Not Fear Left Turns: Takeaways from INTERSECT 2019
What do the newspaper, postal and local delivery, public works, and utilities industries have in common? They all have high-density routes – that is, routes with 100 or more stops, which makes route optimization even more complex.
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Takeaways from the INFORMS Annual Meeting
INFORMS is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to promoting best practices and advances in operations research, management science and analytics to improve operational processes, decision making and outcomes.
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International News from Integrated Skills
Integrated Skills, our solutions provider for the UK, is pleased to announce that RouteSmart for ArcGIS is now compatible with Ordnance Survey (OS) Highways data.
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Route optimization for field service personnel
Sean Carroll, Business Development – Utilities, discusses the shift in the utility industry and how we adapted to become a leading solver of complex routing problems.
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Route Health Score helps operators evaluate the effectiveness of their route planning
Doug Hill, Director of Marketing, shares background on the development of Route Health Score to provide postal operators with essential insights into their routes.
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Street Service – Improvements to Roundabouts
At times, when sequencing routes, the optimal path with the least time is not the one that is preferred operationally. Routes should make sense to the drivers.
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