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Introducing our new tagline: Intelligent Planning for Efficient Operations

May 26, 2022

In the early 2000s, we started telling people we were “The world’s most intelligent routing system.” This tagline was a great way to toot our own horn and let people know about our great routing solutions.

Sure, we believe we have the best route planning and optimization systems in the world. We have benchmarked our solutions against other competitors in our core industries and come out the winner time and time again. But the challenges keep coming and we know we can’t stop innovating.

Having an intelligent routing system was just the start of the story, and it didn’t really get to the heart of what makes RouteSmart so “smart.”

Over the last 2 years, we started to re-evaluate not just our tagline, but the value we provide to our clients, the way we communicate that value, and really everything we stands for.

We challenged ourselves to dig deeper and talk about our core values and how our clients benefit from our focus on safety, efficiency, innovation, and relationships.

Therefore, the evolution of our tagline, “Intelligent Planning for Efficient Operations,” is part of a deliberate and deeply considered step in our growth as an organization.

As we considered what we convey in all our communications – website, emails, social media, advertising, services, and all along the journey from buyer to client, we wanted to make sure we were answering the questions that needed to be answered.

We thought about the outcomes you need to be successful, and how RouteSmart helps you succeed. Creating successful outcomes that help you realize value while easing your biggest pain points. By creating greater value in less time.

And outcomes aren’t just about RouteSmart solvers, or the interaction with our team. With our hosted products like RouteSmart Online and RaaS, we have the ability to analyze and review your usage, and determine where you might need some assistance to make RouteSmart even more valuable.

Because in the world of SaaS products, the risk is, now more than ever, is shared between ROUTESMART helping to create outcomes and YOU realizing value.

The analytics tools we are building are a proactive way of making sure we keep our promise to you as a client. Our Route Health Score was just the start, helping you evaluate the effectiveness of your routes, and more tools are coming soon.

It’s exciting stuff, and we’re only just starting to realize how powerful it is for both you our clients, and all of us at RouteSmart who help you achieve successful outcomes.

At RouteSmart, we always strive to exceed your expectations and give you more tools to enable Intelligent Planning for Efficient Operations.

Doug Hill, Vice President, Marketing

Doug holds more than 25 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and management, specializing in B2B marketing, competitive intelligence, international sales, and forecasting and budgeting. He maintains relationships with clients, prospects, business partners and resellers around the world to stay engaged with market trends, allowing us to create the most effective products.