RouteSmart employees earn certification in key tool for routing technology

We proudly announce an outstanding achievement by two of our employees – Lindsay Ringgold and Lauren Botelle.

We proudly announce an outstanding achievement by two of our employees – Lindsay Ringgold and Lauren Botelle.

Following nearly two months of intensive coursework, training and studying this fall, Lindsay, a technical marketing engineer, and Lauren, a senior technical writer in product management, became Certified Solution Engineers by obtaining Digital Adoption Institution Certifications through WalkMe™, a personal guide for using RouteSmart Online and other web-based products from RouteSmart.

The pair showed tremendous dedication to RouteSmart and its partners by committing at least 10-15 hours per week for seven weeks to study and prepare for the final project and exam. Lindsay and Lauren are among the first 100 people to complete the new Digital Adoption Institute Certification program.

WalkMe, which debuted on the RouteSmart Online site in January 2020, serves as a personal assistant in RouteSmart Online that seamlessly guides users through tasks step-by-step and provides immediate contextual assistance when needed — a game-changer when it comes to digital adoption. WalkMe supported a massive roll-out of a routing system for a key client and the technology proved instrumental in both onboarding and in ways we didn’t anticipate, such as notifications about new features or upcoming maintenance.

Founded in 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool, WalkMe has since grown rapidly to meet the enormous demand for next-generation digital learning and earned the trust of several large companies. WalkMe demonstrated its tremendous value early on and we knew it could serve as an asset and strategic tool for onboarding users.

“We decided to go all in, with respect to making sure our staff had as much background in WalkMe as possible due to the positive impact it had on our partners,” RouteSmart Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Walz explained. “Lauren and Lindsay stepped right up to achieving certification in WalkMe – which was no walk in the park! The WalkMe certification standard was achieved through completion of a rigorous agenda – we couldn’t be prouder of Lindsay and Lauren in achieving this certification to ensure our products are easy to use.”

Lauren and Lindsay first heard about the certification in July at a conference and immediately registered. In mentally preparing for the course, Lindsay explained that “I hadn’t been that nervous about school since I was in college. The certification program was intense.”  

Although Lauren had some more familiarity with the WalkMe program, having used it heavily through her role at RouteSmart since June, there was some aspects with which she had limited familiarity. 

The creation of a WalkMe solution on a website acted as their final project. 

The two of them received great news that they passed and cannot wait to use their skills and knowledge to help enhance the RouteSmart user experience.

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