Picking the “Route Partner” in the waste industry: Critical functionality to enable outcomes for your operations

When considering a route planning and optimization partner in the waste industry, it’s important to be informed. The last thing you want is to engage with a solution provider that doesn’t provide critical functionality to help your company create outcomes that save money, time, and keep your drivers happy and safe.

Clients who use RouteSmart solutions enjoy the advantage of unique capabilities such as traffic congestion data, street closures due to construction or events, side of street specific collection order sequencing, automatic sequencing, and street service routing for sweepers and snowplows. The RouteSmart Route Health Score allows users to quantify the effectiveness of their routing efforts and address factors most important to their business operations. The score measures the health of existing or planned routing scenarios by evaluating components that make routes operators will execute balance, compactness, and efficiency.

Our routing capabilities allow users to explicitly consider important waste industry routing factors such as:

  • Multiple frequencies of collections across a one week and multi-week calendar
  • Avoiding turns at dangerous intersections.
  • Customer requested pick-up times.
  • End user preferences for controlling the collection sequence
  • What if scenario modeling and comparisons. Variable capacity considerations for things like container delivery or collection of multiple waste streams.

Waste industry routing is complex and challenging to manage.  But the correct routing software can support your operations requirements.  However, it’s important to have the complete picture when picking a routing partner. Being knowledgeable about the solutions you’re getting is vital if you want to improve your business operations.

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