HERE Q2 2021 Street Updates are Now Available

Despite what the band U2 says, the streets do have names – and they’ve recently been updated.

Despite what the band U2 says, the streets do have names – and they’ve recently been updated.

Our technology partner, HERE, which provides the maps our clients use with our advanced routing solutions, updated its 2021 Q2 (second quarter) streets last month. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to updates and to download the new data.

Optimal routes require the most recent street data. RouteSmart clients should take advantage of these updates to best optimize their routes, manage deliveries and meet their customers’ demands. HERE updates its maps quarterly to provide you with the most accurate street data.

RouteSmart partnered with HERE more than 25 years ago to provide the commercial street data we and our clients use to build a complex street network and understand one-way streets, elevations, address ranges, turn exceptions and a variety of other valuable attributes.

By subscribing to HERE’s street database on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis you’ll know you’re working with the most recent and accurate street data.

RouteSmart clients can use HERE Map Creator to edit their own maps, noting when roads, routes, places and house numbers change, to ensure and enhance the accuracy of their routes. This tool also gives users the ability to add features to their map.

RouteSmart users provided more than 6,000 map updates in the last year and, overall, there were more than a million map edits in 2020.

In addition, RouteSmart clients can take advantage of the RouteSmart Data Cloud tool to update their existing routing projects with the latest HERE street data. We also offer frequent training webinars to teach our customers how to use the Data Cloud and Map Creator to update street maps. Visit to view the upcoming trainings.

The Data Cloud now provides a more streamlined experience. In the past, clients needed to contact technical support to receive street updates via a file-sharing system. Today, Data Cloud stands as the exclusive go-to source for using HERE data with our powerful routing solutions. Our tools perform unique processing of HERE data to support our clients who demand routing requirements.

The Data Cloud, located on the far right of the RouteSmart Manager Toolbar, allows RouteSmart users to:

  • Cut out and download street data on demand.
  • Access the latest street data that their licensing agreement allows.
  • Define their own area boundary.

We encourage our clients to make the most of the combined power of RouteSmart by subscribing to HERE street data updates and taking advantage of the Data Cloud to most efficiently update your maps.

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