Ditch the Detours: Route Optimization is the Dance Moves Your Waste Management Fleet Needs

The choice between routing and route optimization is not just about technology, it is also about defining your professional narrative. Embracing route optimization does not just optimize routes, it also elevates your operations, reduces costs, improves safety, and turns waste management into a precision dance of professionalism.

Do you route, or do you route, plan, and optimize? It is not just a question; it is the difference between a wild expedition and a well-choreographed dance in the waste management world.

Think of routing like a road trip with two friends. The first friend looks at the map and chooses the shortest path between Point A and Point B, not considering how bumpy the trip is, how much gas is used, and how much time it will take. Suddenly, you are traveling through a dense forest, across a river, and over a mountain. Your journey ends when you are stuck in mud and a large grizzly bear approaches. Yikes!

The second friend is skilled in route optimization. This friend does not care about the shortest path, they are all about making your journey smooth, safe, and efficient. Instead of bumping through a forest, you are gliding on a well-maintained road, making safe turns, avoiding traffic jams, and even saving money by stopping fewer times at the pump to fill up your gas guzzler at $3.50/gallon. You make it to your destination happy and safe—and no bears.

If you own, operate, or work for a company that deals in waste and recycling, you may be making a big mistake not deploying route optimization to keep your employees safe, achieve operational efficiency, and deliver outstanding customer service.

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