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Each day, our proven routing solutions allow both private waste management and municipal public works organizations to provide better, more efficient service to millions of households and businesses through advanced fleet management. With our clients’ trust, we optimize their public works routing for waste collection, recycling, bulky trash pick-ups and more.

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When you are responsible for collecting residential and commercial waste or sweeping streets and plowing the snow, increases in travel distance impact your budget. It is crucial that your fleet of vehicles is operating efficiently to supplement the constant rise in fuel and labor costs, and newly mandated environmental requirements.

Residential Waste & Recycling Collection
  • Decrease windshield time
  • Maximize stops and lifts per hour
  • Reduce route planning time
  • Improve safety compliance
Commercial Routing
  • Manage demands of important commercial customers
  • Balance workloads across the week
  • Adhere to strict time windows
  • Improve customer satisfaction
Roll-Off Route Optimization
  • Complete daily routing in minutes
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Maximize productivity
  • Increase revenue with additional services per day
Inspection & Work Order Routing
  • Handle bulky routing solutions faster
  • Create inspection routes by priorities and job qualifications
  • Build balanced routes
Street Sweeping
  • Restrict changes based on street signage
  • Model odd-even street side service
  • Develop faster, more accurate routes based on sweeper speeds
Winter Maintenance
  • Prioritize snow emergency routes and major roads
  • Create unique scenarios for multiple snowfall rates
  • Build efficient routes to plow every lane


RouteSmart for ArcGIS has the tools to solve your everyday complex routing challenges. The solution is continually updated and enhanced with powerful algorithms and optimization techniques that model the unique constraints of routing high-density neighborhoods and meeting the demands of commercial service. RouteSmart for ArcGIS operates within the Esri ArcGIS platform and uses highly accurate street data from HERE to power its solution.

RouteSmart Navigator – the only in-vehicle navigation system fully integrated with our products and powerful enough for full high-density routing solutions – guides drivers through the RouteSmart-optimized route using cues designed to meet the needs of high-density route solutions. With Fusion from Integrated Skills, the fully integrated web solution designed for RouteSmart Navigator, you can manage the routes you send to your vehicles, view your trucks in the field, see detailed progress for your routes and export reports and route data.

RouteSmart Routing as a Service® (RaaS) creates better routing solutions, building geographically compact, logical and balanced workloads. Planning bulky collection routes, inspection routes and other field service activities can be a time consuming and demanding task. Managing the workload volume and prioritizing assignments make these some of the toughest routing and scheduling tasks of all – and your CRM system is not built to handle this multi-layered problem. RaaS models the unique daily constraints of your routes, allowing you to deploy route optimization technology in a hosted environment.

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Route Optimization Procurement Guide

Download our step-by-step guide to help you through the decision-making process as you look for ways to improve your waste collection routes and operational effectiveness.
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“RouteSmart is one of the few companies I’ve experienced that is able to handle a high-density routing solution. Because we have used the software for so long, it has allowed us to maintain cost benefits over an extended period of time.”

– John Sowl, Western Disposal Services

Industry Expertise

We have worked with the largest private hauling companies and municipal public works operations over four decades. Our flagship tool – RouteSmart for ArcGIS – is used around the globe and provides a comprehensive suite of vehicle routing tools for your needs.

Team Lead, Public Works Industry