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No matter the circulation size or newspaper routing challenge, our industry-leading solutions deliver measurable results for managing the complexity of your newspaper routes. We continue to deliver proven results and develop new and innovative solutions to meet your delivery routing needs.

Working with RouteSmart is one of the most progressive initiatives that we’ve undertaken in route management and cost control.” – New Zealand Media and Entertainment

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RouteSmart Online uses advanced algorithms, engineered and refined over decades of working with newspaper clients in both home delivery and single copy routing operations, to automate and optimize daily routing processes from your desktop or mobile device. We help you create the most efficient optimized routes using your most-recent subscriber file sent to RouteSmart Online each night.

In addition to functional updates and enhancements, street data gets updated regularly based on intelligence from HERE maps, the leading supplier of navigation-quality digital map data.

RouteSmart Online Advanced Edition supports realigning route territories, creating new carrier routes and building single copy distribution plans faster and with more flexibility than manual street routing techniques or other automated packages.

Each subscription level offers unique product features for newspaper route planning, including personalized RouteSmart Online Business Reviews where you will enjoy time with our experts to dive deep into your usage and discuss how you can get the most out of your subscription.

RouteSmart Online helps our clients increase deliveries per route and mile, improve circulation rates, reduce carrier turnover and reduce Complaints per Thousand (CPTs).

Product Features Basic Standard Advanced
24/7 Process Monitoring
RouteSmart Online Business Reviews
Home Delivery Route Books
Account Management
Daily Activity Report
Manual (List) Sequencing
Mobile Access
Route Maps
RouteSmart Navigation Report
Street Maintenance
View Travel Paths
Dispatching: Split Routes
Dispatching: Combine Routes
Dispatching: Solver Sequencing
Dispatching: Re-delivery
Route Optimization
Route Editing: Manual Moves
Route Health Score
Geographic Route Planner
Enjoy six months of RouteSmart Online Basic Edition (including all supported features) to create daily route books. Within those first three months, you will also have access to RouteSmart Online Advanced Edition (including all supported features) to complete a rerouting project.
Home Delivery
  • Create profitable routes by realigning carrier routes and territories
  • Reduce subscriber complaints
  • Split and combine down routes to speed daily dispatching processes
  • Train new carriers faster with CarrierTrack navigation
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Retail & Single Copy
  • Manage big-picture route planning
  • Manage Store Delivery Windows
  • Merge Single Copy with Home Delivery
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Package Delivery Integration
  • Analyze package delivery scenarios for existing carrier fleets
  • Build daily route plans for package delivery and new lines of business
  • Scale operations for daily changes
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RouteSmart far exceeded any of the expectations of the system integration and the results that we really needed.”

– Carol Huddleston, Corporate Director of Consumer Services, Lee Enterprises
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Our dedicated industry experts are routing consultants and extensions of your team. We’re passionate about our clients’ needs and work to understand your issues, opportunities and operational goals. Begin your RouteSmart journey with our team leads, Jason Fry and Lindsay Ringgold.
Jason Fry
Senior Business Development Manager
Newspaper Industry
Lindsay Ringgold
Client Success Manager & WalkMe Certified Digital Adoption Solution Engineer
Newspaper Industry