GIS Technology Optimizes Meter Reading Efficiency in the UK

Meter readers play a crucial role in the energy sector, ensuring accurate readings and conducting safety inspections. Successful management of meter reading activities requires adherence to health and safety guidelines, efficient route planning, and excellent customer service. GIS technology, commonly used for infrastructure mapping, has proven instrumental in optimizing meter reading operations.

Integrated Skills Limited (ISL) has collaborated with a prominent UK gas and electricity supplier since 2015, implementing GIS solutions that result in significant efficiency gains. These solutions, RouteSmart for ArcGIS and Routing as a Service (RaaS), have not only streamlined meter reading processes but also freed up resources for initiatives like the Smart Meter rollout program.

System-Wide Route Planning & Optimization

RouteSmart for ArcGIS specifically addresses the challenges of high-density utility meter reading, managing millions of customers over intricate walking and driving networks. The software balances cycle days, creating workloads in contiguous geographic areas. It considers various parameters, such as side of street working, walking speeds, read times, and meter locations, ensuring even workloads across meter reading teams. ISL emphasizes the importance of precise door-to-door planning, crucial for smooth operations in the field. Solver options in RouteSmart control route sequences, enabling efficient parking, walking tours, and seamless return to the starting point. In-house teams fine-tune routes and sequences with local knowledge.

Dynamic Route Optimization

Recognizing that system-wide route optimization is just the beginning, ISL introduces RaaS, a cloud-based engine for dynamic optimization. RaaS adapts to customer churn and Smart Meter rollouts by incorporating daily service location data. It generates optimized routes and sequences within minutes, ensuring that meter reading businesses consistently operate at peak efficiency.


Energy providers outsourcing meter reading will benefit from GIS technology as well. RouteSmart solutions help calculate optimal routes and cycle days before responding to RFPs or contract bids, ensuring accurate cost estimates from potential suppliers. RaaS supports ongoing changes after contract awards, maintaining efficiency.

Commercial Meters

GIS-based route optimization is equally applicable to meter reading for business and commercial customers. RouteSmart for ArcGIS easily handles larger geographic areas and driving requirements with its mixed mode feature. Timed service operations, including earliest arrival, latest arrival, and blackout windows, are supported for commercial meters.

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