Acadiana Waste Services Enhances Operations with RouteSmart Online Amid Rapid Expansion

Acadiana Waste Services improved efficiency and managed rapid expansion by adopting RouteSmart Online for advanced route optimization. Previously struggling with manual route planning, the company integrated 63,000 new customers efficiently, reducing driver work hours and enhancing safety and customer satisfaction.

Acadiana Waste Services, LLC, a locally owned and operated company based in Lafayette, La., sought solutions to manage a rapid increase in its customer base and optimize its waste collection routes.

With the service expansion, including 63,000 new customers and 14 trash, six recycling, and four boom routes (for bulky items) daily, the company faced significant logistical challenges. Its goal was to efficiently integrate these new customers while ensuring collection coverage across five equal days without sacrificing operational efficiency or customer satisfaction.

Before implementing RouteSmart Online, Acadiana used Google Maps to plan routes manually. This strategy led to inefficiencies and difficulties in scaling operations to meet customer demand. The manual process involved basic tools for route planning, which was not only time-consuming but also lacked the sophistication needed for optimizing routes for a growing customer base.

This method was not sustainable, especially with the addition of 22,000 customers in a two-month span, underscoring the urgent need for a more advanced solution.

In the waste collection industry, advanced route planning and optimization tools can go a long way in managing a surge in service requests, creating the need for adding thousands of new stops into daily routes. This boost in efficiency can eliminate ‘Collection Chaos,’ and handle rapid growth without sacrificing service standards.

Acadiana selected RouteSmart Technologies upon recommendation from Soft-Pak®, noting RouteSmart’s integration capabilities with existing systems like Soft-Pak® and third-party hardware. This integration was crucial for Acadiana to handle the logistical challenge of incorporating a significant number of new customers into its route-planning system efficiently. Acadiana needed an automated solution that could intelligently and efficiently optimize routes, taking into consideration the specific needs of waste collection services, including trash, recycling, and yard waste.

The RouteSmart implementation transformed Acadiana’s operations. They were able to reduce drivers’ daily work hours from twelve to ten, significantly increasing job satisfaction and reducing overtime costs. The company experienced a decrease in customer service calls as route efficiency improved, leading to augmented customer satisfaction.

Additionally, RouteSmart Online’s advanced route planning and optimization tools helped manage the rapid growth in service requests, seamlessly integrating thousands of new stops into daily routes. These efficiency gains not only improved service delivery but also supported Acadiana’s growth without compromising service quality.

Furthermore, RouteSmart Technologies’ ability to enforce right-turn-only routes enhanced driver safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents associated with left turns across traffic. This safety improvement was a notable benefit that contributed to overall operational efficiency and driver satisfaction.

Acadiana’s collaboration with RouteSmart Technologies highlights the transformative power of advanced route optimization in the waste management industry. By leveraging RouteSmart’s comprehensive tools and integrations, Acadiana successfully navigated a period of significant growth and complexity, improving operational efficiency, driver satisfaction, safety, and customer service.

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