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RouteSmart Support Amidst COVID-19

March 20, 2020

Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President Larry Levy shares an update on our continued support for our clients during this global crisis.

To our RouteSmart Community,

The extraordinary situation unfolding around the world with people taking action to contain the spread of COVID-19 affects us all. We recognize that many of our clients serve industries that must continue to operate despite the rapidly evolving societal changes, and we know that you depend on the performance of our products and solutions and support of our people to do so efficiently.

RouteSmart Technologies plans and expects to continue assisting our clients to operate at the safest, most efficient levels possible.

We are reviewing and adapting our procedures and policies on a continual basis to maximize the safety of our staff, our clients and everyone who may be impacted by our products and services.

  • Technical Support – Our Technical Support team remains available during normal business hours (8:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET) and extended hours for applicable products. We have procedures and IT capabilities to assure tech support remains available throughout this period, even if our employees are required to work remotely.
  • Training and Implementation – We already provide online options for training some clients and now we may have to necessarily adapt to more online options for training. Our experienced staff will bring their industry knowledge and product expertise to you via these alternative avenues as necessary.
  • Travel – For the safety of our staff and clients, travel will clearly be limited or restricted for some time to come. We will engage with you via web and phone from pre-sale opportunities through training, and designs sessions to our superior support service.

As we all adjust to this modified business environment for an uncertain period, know that we remain committed to serving you through these difficult times. We continue to take pride in delivering the highest level of industry-specific care to which you are accustomed.

We wish all of you and your families health and safety and minimal disruptions to your business.


Larry Levy

Larry Levy, Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President

Larry leads and collaborates with RouteSmart’s team of industry experts while also serving as primary contact for key clients to set strategic direction for the company. He oversees all the financial and administrative aspects of the company and participates in product management as well as routing algorithm design. Larry holds deep pride in his 30-plus years with RouteSmart, making him equally as likely to roll up his sleeves and help discover a product issue as he is to lead a discussion with a client to envision a custom implementation of RouteSmart solutions.