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HERE Street Updates now available

October 26, 2020

Did you know that West Main Street will be closed for the next three months due to construction? And, the speed limit on Mountain Ridge Highway recently reduced to 55 mph. Oh, and State Route 110 has a new name.

As a RouteSmart user, this vital information helps you best optimize your routes, manage your deliveries and meet the demands of your customers. We update HERE maps quarterly and provide users of RouteSmart solutions with the latest street data.

Street data changes constantly. You need the latest updates to ensure the accuracy of your routing projects and operate them as efficiently as possible. HERE, a valuable partner of ours for 25 years, provides commercial street data that we and our clients use to build a complex street network and understand one-way streets, elevations, address ranges, turn exceptions and a variety of other valuable attributes.

Millions of individuals and businesses worldwide use HERE maps through mobile apps, social networks and in an overwhelming majority of vehicles equipped with a navigation system. HERE updates its own maps with data collection, surveys and editing processes, but HERE users can and do contribute their own updates.

Using HERE Map Creator, you can edit your own map, noting when roads, routes, places and house numbers change to enhance the accuracy of your routes. This tool also gives you the ability to add these features to your map. We expect more than a million map edits by Map Creator users in 2020. RouteSmart users alone produced more than 6,000 map updates in the last year, according to HERE.

Our clients can subscribe to HERE’s street database on an annual, semiannual or quarterly basis. In the past, our users needed to contact technical support to receive the street data updates, sent via a file-sharing system. The process proved cumbersome for our clients, so we developed the RouteSmart Data Cloud for a more streamlined experience.    

Our users can take advantage of the Data Cloud tool to update their routing projects with the latest HERE street data. In addition, we offer regular training webinars to show our customers how to use the Data Cloud and Map Creator to update street data.

We consider the Data Cloud as the go-to source for using HERE data with our routing solutions. Our tools perform unique processing of HERE data to support our clients who demand routing requirements.

Using the Data Cloud, located on the far right of the RouteSmart Manager Toolbar, you can:

  • Cut out and download street data on demand.
  • Access the latest street data that your licensing agreement allows.
  • Define your own area boundary.

We encourage you to subscribe to street data updates from HERE and take advantage of the RouteSmart Data Cloud to most efficiently update your maps.