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Alexa: Tell me about RaaS on the AWS Marketplace

October 31, 2023

We are expanding our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by making our cutting-edge enterprise solution, Routing as a Service (RaaS), available on the AWS Marketplace. This move reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative, scalable, and effective route-planning solutions, helping businesses optimize its operations and enhance efficiency.

This collaboration makes accessing route planning services easier than ever. Chris Walz, VP of Sales at RouteSmart Technologies, explains, “Our AWS Marketplace listing makes accessing our route planning services as easy as a few clicks. With RouteSmart and AWS, businesses can seamlessly integrate our solutions into their operations, enhancing efficiency and optimizing routes with minimal effort.”

We first embraced AWS in 2010, recognizing its potential for scaling operations, improving performance, and ensuring reliability, scalability, and security. Over the years, we’ve successfully supported some of the world’s largest distribution and field service organizations, helping them optimize their daily operations and streamline their route planning processes.

For decades, we’ve been a leading provider of route planning and optimization solutions, enabling organizations with service and delivery forces to operate more efficiently. Using our solutions, businesses can efficiently balance their daily workloads and sequence routes, allowing field service workers to hit the road faster and with greater precision.

The introduction of Routing as a Service (RaaS) on AWS Marketplace offers users API access to our suite of workload balancing and service order sequencing solvers. This empowers businesses to automate daily workload planning for field service technicians by embedding RaaS with their existing business systems, including SAP, Oracle CC&B, Hansen, and other field service work order management systems.

We are excited about new possibilities for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and achieve peak efficiency in their route planning processes. With the power of AWS and RouteSmart’s expertise, organizations can drive their service and delivery forces to new heights. For more information about our route planning solutions on AWS Marketplace, click here.

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Jon Knazur, Senior Business Development Manager

With more than a decade of experience in route planning and mapping technology, Jon works closely with our clients and prospects in the utility industry. He also focuses on RouteSmart's existing and potential partnerships, including our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Esri. His expertise lies in helping prospects understand route optimization, collaborating with his team to create models and business cases that showcase the potential ROI of RouteSmart solutions. Through guiding customers through the process of integrating and maximizing the benefits of the technology in their operations, their teams are able to capture cost savings and operational efficiencies.