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The largest investor-owned and public utilities have trusted our experts for more than 30 years to optimize their utilities routing and improve service to more than 50 million meters, including residential and commercial meters for electric, natural gas and water utility services.

Once RouteSmart helped put our routes together, the savings fell into our laps.” – PSE&G

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Developing route plans within business requirements, our route optimization solutions allow utilities to balance meter reading workloads into uninterrupted geographic areas across cycle days. Once cycle days are balanced, you can easily create daily routes that provide appropriate workloads for your meter readers. Using advanced settings, you have the power to minimize travel distances for traditional walking and driving routes.

Manual Meter Reading
  • Minimize routes per cycle
  • Maximize reads per cycle
  • Model precise side-of-street walking and driving patterns
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AMR Drive-By
  • Optimize beyond simply driving legacy walking routes
  • Consolidate daily reading assignments
  • Balance meters by cycle day
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AMR Read-range
  • Build more efficient routes by leveraging read-range data
  • Dramatically reduce reading days per month
  • Navigate and track optimized routes in the field
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Inspection & Compliance
  • Satisfy compliance requirements for surveys and inspections
  • Fulfill mandated scheduling requirements to inspect field assets
  • Design AMI meter inspection routes for regulatory requirements
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Meter Reading Geographic Optimization
  • Insert new service locations into optimal cycles, routes, and sequences
  • Transition customers from quarterly to monthly reading and billing
  • Optimize route design for AMI opt-outs and out-of-network meters
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Field service work orders
  • Optimize dynamic daily route planning in seconds
  • Eliminate inefficient manual routing and sequencing
  • Accommodate strict time windows and job classifications
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Implementing your automated meter reading (AMR) system requires significant resources, but using our solutions allows you to gain the most from your investment. Your ERTs and mobile collectors acquire monthly reads more efficiently than your historic walking and driving meter routes, but those legacy routes need to change to get the most from your AMR investment.

Maximize efficiency by reducing your reading days per month to as few as five when building geographically compact cycle days coupled with an increase in daily read rates. Our advanced AMR solvers incorporate varying read ranges of ERTs and create a driving travel path based on the minimum set of streets you’d need to travel to read every meter. This decreases travel distances, allowing you to significantly increase your daily read rate.

Following the RouteSmart-optimized AMR travel path is vital in order to maximize your AMR investment. We integrate our solution with Webfleet Solutions’ connected navigation to enable meter readers to precisely execute and track their optimized route in the field, without requiring extensive geographic knowledge or experience.


Eliminate the cumbersome task of planning and executing survey and inspection processes by integrating our SaaS-based route optimization with inspection compliance software to automatically perform daily workload planning and geographic territory assignments for:

  • Leak Surveys
  • Cathodic Gas Inspections
  • Hydrant, Valve and Pump PM’s
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Audits

Tackle the largest workload planning problems faced by a utility with our unique high-density address balancing and sequencing solvers, while ensuring that regulatory inspection and survey requirements get fulfilled effectively.

Electric, gas and water utilities can plan, optimize, balance and visualize workloads with a powerful route optimization toolset. You will feel confident knowing your crew can react and respond quickly to unplanned situations, like electric or gas outages, by targeting defined portions of a service area and determining the optimal number of crews required to restore service.

RouteSmart for ArcGIS


Our proven solutions integrate with client-side systems to form a complete routing solution that meets the evolving operational needs of the utility industry.

Solve your largest routing challenges with the comprehensive suite of proven tools available in our flagship solution. Efficiently plan and execute meter reading and field service operations while meeting the demanding requirements of the utility industry.

Streamline your workforce management system, and other systems, with the state-of-the art dynamic daily route balancing and sequencing capabilities available through RaaS web services. Gain access to our powerful optimization algorithms with standard APIs, making implementation and ROI faster than ever.

Allow our industry expertise to build a better foundation by completing rerouting projects for you. Projects can range from targeting a limited geographic meter reading area to a complete redesign of the cycles/workdays, routes and sequences for every meter in your service territory.


Once we got involved with RouteSmart, we were able to generate 300 routes in two days.”

– Matt Wagers, Colorado Springs Utilities
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Supported by our experienced industry professionals, you will improve route planning functions across field service operations that increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs. Our Business Development Manager Sean Carroll will get you started on your RouteSmart journey and Client Success Manager Aaron Nuffer will work alongside you throughout the process.
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