RouteSmart Technologies to roll-out powerful RouteSmart Online solution for the Waste Industry

Aims to solve industry’s ‘Collection Chaos’ by providing logical route plans centered on efficiency and safety

(Columbia, MD) – RouteSmart Technologies, the premier worldwide provider of route planning and route optimization services, is excited to announce the forthcoming debut of its web-based solution RouteSmart Online supporting the waste and recycling industry.

The expected release of RouteSmart Online, which is currently only offered to our newspaper clients, will come in waves, with the first, RouteSmart Online Dispatcher, scheduled for July 5 for beta users.

“RouteSmart Online will help solve ‘Collections Chaos,’ the incredibly complex logistical activities associated with routing garbage trucks,” RouteSmart VP of Sales Chris Walz said. “By giving crews a logical route plan, RouteSmart Online will help organizations hire and retain drivers, ensure safety for refuse workers, help reduce the cost of waste collection through minimized time and distance on the routes, reduce environmental impact and fuel costs, and create less overtime and mileage.

The web-based solution provides all the tools required to maintain collection routes with up-to-date and accurate information for their fleets of residential and commercial service vehicles. It will empower route management staff and dispatchers with the ability to reduce the cost of collection through efficient routing and provide crews with operating plans that maximize safety in the collection order sequence.

Waste collection is the sixth most dangerous industry in North America, according to the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA). RouteSmart provides route plans accurate for drivers to execute, with new stops automatically inserted into an efficient collection order sequence, automatically generated driving directions for new drivers unfamiliar with the service area, respect for traffic considerations such as avoiding congestion and staying out of dangerous intersections, smart turn movements for waste vehicles , and factoring in right-side collection for automated side loaders or both side service for streets that can be safely navigated.

RouteSmart Online is powered by the RouteSmart “Routing as a Service” (RaaS) high-performance route optimization engine.

“RaaS is responsible for routing hundreds of thousands of drivers daily for some of the largest private and public fleets that are out there,” Walz said. “RaaS has been benchmarked against numerous other route optimization systems and, for the industries we serve, is unrivaled in terms of processing performance and precision of routing results.”

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