RouteSmart Earns Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty Designation as Member of Esri Partner Network

RouteSmart Technologies, the leading provider of vehicle route planning solutions, has proudly announced it has achieved the Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty as a member of the Esri Partner Network. This prestigious designation is awarded to partners who are committed to early adoption of Esri’s world-leading geographic information systems software and dedicated to maintaining compatibility with Esri technology in their offerings.

RouteSmart Technologies has been an Esri Partner for 28 years and became an Esri Partner Network Gold Partner in 2011. Through this collaboration, RouteSmart clients benefit from a range of innovative technologies in the RouteSmart product suite, delivering an exceptional route planning experience to end-users.

“We are thrilled to have achieved the Esri ArcGIS System Ready Specialty designation, which underscores our longstanding commitment to the Esri technology stack and dedication to delivering the most innovative route planning solutions to our clients,” RouteSmart Vice President of Marketing & Sales Chris Walz said.

The RouteSmart-Esri partnership dates to the late 1980s when RouteSmart delivered an Arc/Info-based route planning experience using UNIX-based systems. With interoperability between RouteSmart web applications and web services and Esri technology such as ArcGIS Pro, RouteSmart’s solutions enable clients to do great things in support of their operations planning.

RouteSmart Technologies plans to achieve more Esri specialty designations, and soon its solutions will be available via the Esri Marketplace. With its longstanding partnership with Esri, RouteSmart is well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions to its clients and drive success in its operations planning.

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RouteSmart Technologies, a leader in route optimization solutions, addresses the most complex routing challenges for newspaper, postal and local delivery, public works and utilities clients around the globe. Through a precise and detailed approach, RouteSmart helps improve route safety, provides operating cost reduction and achieves efficiencies through route planning automation. Rooted in research and focused on continuous enhancement, RouteSmart’s team of leading industry experts and global network of distributors and partners intimately understand the routing challenges faced within each industry and constantly innovate their routing solutions to meet changing distribution demands. Visit to learn more.

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