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About Us

As a world leader in providing route optimization solutions for newspaper, postal/parcel, public works and utilities clients around the globe, we address the most complex routing challenges through a precision-oriented, detailed approach that ensures the safety of distribution personnel, provides operating cost reduction and achieves efficiencies through the automation of route planning processes.

Backed by a team of leading industry experts and a global network of distributors and partners, we intimately understand the routing challenges faced by our clients and constantly innovate our routing software to meet their changing distribution demands.

Our Values

We create
responsible vehicle
routes for the protection of our clients
and the communities
they serve.
We quickly solve complex, large-scale routing problems without compromising quality.
Rooted in operations research and focused on continuous enhancement, our team of experts hone our technology to exceed client expectations.
Our dedicated industry experts serve as partners and routing consultants, working as an extension of our clients’ teams to meet their needs.
RouteSmart’s history and origins embedded in our company and people a passion for solving the world’s most complex routing challenges. Our highly educated and experienced team and deep understanding of our customers’ businesses needs comes from decades of working at their sides to deliver efficiencies and savings.
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Operations Research For Your Business

Our staff expertise is based in operations research, management science and analytics. We have combined our academic relationships with elite universities, along with four decades of client experience, to develop and deliver vehicle and workforce routing solutions that are proven in the real-world operating environments of our clients.
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Our Global Presence

  • Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Key:
    Clients, partners and distributors

Precision Routing Across The Globe

RouteSmart is the leading route optimization solution for high density precision routing.”

– Alan Paget, Managing Director, Integrated Skills Limited

Our Leaders

Larry Levy
Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
Larry leads and collaborates with RouteSmart’s team of industry experts while setting the company’s strategic direction and serving as a primary contact for clients. He oversees all the financial and administrative aspects of the company and participates in product management as well as routing algorithm design. Larry holds deep pride in his 30-plus years with RouteSmart, making him equally as likely to roll up his sleeves and help discover a product issue as he is to lead a discussion with a client to envision a custom implementation of RouteSmart solutions.
Chris Walz
Vice President, Sales
Chris influences all aspects of the business, from sales strategy to client experience and product positioning and development. He also collaborates with our functional area experts on organizational strategy and vision and performs competitive analysis to keep abreast of both technological and industry developments.
Chris Kelly
Vice President, Product Development
Chris oversees the design and implementation of our desktop and web-based routing services. He manages the development team and coordinates their efforts to achieve its goals. Chris prides himself on his ability to design and build complex systems and to analyze challenges with his team and to create, maintain and improve routing products that serve all our clients.
Roy Dahl
Vice President, Research and Development
Roy holds more than 30 years’ experience in designing, coding and implementing innovative routing solutions for a wide range of industries. He finds robust, appropriate and effective algorithmic solutions for complex routing challenges. Through forward-thinking creativity, Roy and his team develop innovative routing solutions to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.
John Sniezek
Vice President, Product Management
John shapes the direction of all the RouteSmart product lines and ensures synergy across our desktop, server, web and software as a service (SaaS) solutions. He analyzes and synthesizes all departments to determine the future direction of our products to provide the greatest value to our clients. For nearly twenty years his enthusiasm for applied mathematics has helped our clients solve their real-world challenges.
Vice President, Marketing
Doug holds more than 25 years of experience in marketing, product marketing and management, specializing in B2B marketing, competitive intelligence, international sales, and forecasting and budgeting. He maintains relationships with clients, prospects, business partners and resellers around the world to stay engaged with market trends, allowing us to create the most effective products.
Tom Huppmann
Director of Client Services
Using a steadfast approach to help our clients achieve their desired route optimization results, Tom leads a team of dedicated industry professionals to ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients. With a proactive approach to identifying solutions, clients can depend on Tom for consultative or technical needs.
Damon Gulczynski
Director of Research & Development
Damon devises and implements the algorithms at the core of our routing solvers. He’s an enterprising, forward-thinking leader who enjoys the challenge of solving problems and brainstorming with colleagues to find inventive solutions for our clients. Damon constantly seeks opportunities to turn our clients’ challenges into positive outcomes.
Jeannie Merson
Director of Finance & HR Operations
Jeannie is a dedicated professional with more than 20 years of experience in Finance and HR. She oversees the company’s financial, human resources, and administrative functions. Her behind-the-scenes work keeps the organization running efficiently. Jeannie supports company strategic-wide initiatives and takes pride in protecting the financial interests of RouteSmart, as well as our greatest assets: our employees.


From technology experts to experienced distributors, we always look to build the best partnerships to make the world’s most intelligent routing system even better.

Technology Partners

We are a value-added reseller of ArcView®, ArcGIS, and other products from Esri.

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We are proud to provide HERE maps as part of our solutions.

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We proudly partner with Itron on industry-leading solutions for utilities, and help our combined clients better manage meter reading and field service routing.

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MapMerger gets your data ready for us by creating the complete, comprehensively annotated dataset that integrates critical feature information necessary to create effective routes.

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We have formed a close business partnership with Soft-Pak and integrated their products to provide the waste industry with a complete information management solution.

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We are fully integrated with Webfleet Solutions to enable field technicians to precisely execute their optimized routes.

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RouteSolutions formed a joint partnership with our team and Webfleet Solutions to provide an integrated in-vehicle solution for businesses to gain visibility by tracking workers via GPS in real-time.

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We proudly partner with CarrierTrack to provide our newspaper clients with CarrierTrack 3.0 in-vehicle navigation integrated with our optimized sequencing.

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Navusoft is the complete cloud platform for service-based businesses. CRM, ERP, and Mobile features are all available to public works clients to help improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

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Authorized Distributors

Arcumsoft provides our distribution and deployment services in Turkey.

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Bestrane Group provides our distribution and deployment services in Australia and New Zealand.

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CADDesign provides the Brazlian marketplace with information technology solutions, including RouteSmart Technologies.

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ISL provides RouteSmart solutions and services for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East from offices in England and Channel Islands, as well as their German subsidiary and partner in the Netherlands.

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Careers at RouteSmart

We’re constantly looking for top-talent industry experts to support our mission of providing safe, smart and viable routing solutions to clients around the world. Discover the career opportunities currently available.

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