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As a world leader in providing route optimization solutions for newspaper, postal/parcel, public works and utilities clients around the globe, we address the most complex routing challenges through a precision-oriented, detailed approach that ensures the safety of distribution personnel, provides operating cost reduction and achieves efficiencies through the automation of route planning processes.

Backed by a team of leading industry experts and a global network of distributors and partners, we intimately understand the routing challenges faced by our clients and constantly innovate our routing software to meet their changing distribution demands.


Our staff expertise is based in operations research, management science and analytics. We have combined our academic relationships with elite universities, along with four decades of client experience to develop and deliver vehicle and workforce routing solutions that are proven in the real-world operating environments of our clients.

Operations research gives our team enhanced insights into decision making allowing us to get it right the first time. Understanding our clients’ needs, we use operations research to transform their business problems into well-defined mathematical solutions. Using data and analytics to drive strategy for route optimization makes sense, creates efficiencies, improves accuracy, enhances safety and improves the bottom line for our clients. Although data and science serve as the driving force behind our operations research, we keep the human factors as our top priority.

Today, our experience and solutions power the route optimization needs of some of the largest distribution fleets in the world.  Organizations such as the United States Postal Service, FedEx Ground, Gannett, ConEd, and half the nation’s top 50 waste collection operators rely on our solutions to get the job done each and every day.

Our Global Presence

  • Americas
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
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    Clients, partners and distributors

Our Values

We create
responsible vehicle
routes for the protection of our clients
and the communities
they serve.
We quickly solve complex, large-scale routing problems without compromising quality.
Rooted in operations research and focused on continuous enhancement, our team of experts hone our technology to exceed client expectations.
Our dedicated industry experts serve as partners and routing consultants, working as an extension of our clients’ teams to meet their needs.


“RouteSmart is the leading route optimization solution for high density precision routing.”

– Alan Paget, Managing Director, Integrated Skills Limited


From technology experts to experienced distributors, we always look to build the best partnerships to make the world’s most intelligent routing system even better.

Technology Partners

We are a value-added reseller of ArcView®, ArcGIS, and other products from Esri.

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We are proud to provide HERE maps as part of our solutions.

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We proudly partner with Itron on industry-leading solutions for utilities, and help our combined clients better manage meter reading and field service routing.

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MapMerger gets your data ready for us by creating the complete, comprehensively annotated dataset that integrates critical feature information necessary to create effective routes.

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We have formed a close business partnership with Soft-Pak and integrated their products to provide the waste industry with a complete information management solution.

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We are fully integrated with Webfleet Solutions to enable field technicians to precisely execute their optimized routes.

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RouteSolutions formed a joint partnership with our team and Webfleet Solutions to provide an integrated in-vehicle solution for businesses to gain visibility by tracking workers via GPS in real-time.

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Authorized Distributors

Arcumsoft provides our distribution and deployment services in Turkey.

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Bestrane Group provides our distribution and deployment services in Australia and New Zealand.

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CADDesign provides the Brazlian marketplace with information technology solutions, including RouteSmart Technologies.

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GISDATA Group represents us in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Servia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and the territory of Kosovo.

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ISL provides our distribution services for the British Isles.

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IPM of Germany looks after municipalities, countries, authorities, utilities and other public and private sector GIS users, and works closely with customers to identify cost-effective solutions.

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SERVINFORMACIÓN represents us in Columbia.

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