About Routesmart

Whistl (formerly TNT Post) Utilized RouteSmart for ArcGIS to optimize almost 4,000 routes for two million UK households in just two years.

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the challenge

Whistl is one of the world's largest express delivery companies. For years, Whistl collected and sorted UK mail, which they passed to the Royal Mail for final mile delivery. In 2011, Whistl launched its end-to-end (E2E) project, competing with Royal Mail for final mile delivery for the first time in its 370 years of service.

the solution

Whistl implemented RouteSmart through their UK supplier Integrated Skills Ltd. in 2011. They used RouteSmart to facilitate the creation of postal routes with specific service targets including customized routes for walking and cycling. RouteSmart provided Whistl the ability to model different scenarios, visualize them in map form and then tailor them accordingly in order to meet their efficiency and productivity goals.

the result

In the past two years, Whistl has optimized 3,932 routes through 77 projects, encompassing 34 delivery units in 3 cities for a total of two million households. They have secured a significant percentage of UK marketshare and created more than 1,000 jobs since 2012.