About Routesmart

Public Works client takes advantage of RouteSmart to correct past mistakes, and grow more efficiently.

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the challenge

The fast-growing town of Gilbert, Arizona (up to 500 homes per month!) was using an incorrect address file for its waste collection routes. The inaccurate file led to inefficient performance, missed pickups, and poor customer service.

the solution

The town purchased RouteSmart to help with planning for its expanding service footprint, and almost immediately discovered the address inaccuracies. RouteSmart helped uncover the depth of the mistakes in the address file, then helped the town set up more efficient routes, including turn-by-turn directions, for this rapidly expanding service area.

“It was simple, and easy, and when it wasn’t – we had the incredible help desk,” said Michael Benschoter, Solid Waste Analyst and Specialist.

the result

“RouteSmart gave us the tools to get back on track, and now things are running smoother than ever,” explained Benschoter. The town commended the smooth transition, RouteSmart’s friendly help desk, and the driver’s reactions to their new routes.