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RouteSmart enables The Frederick News-Post to secure a lucrative publication distribution customer and grow their operation by one-third.

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the challenge

The Frederick News-Post was presented with a large publication distribution opportunity that would require them to expand their operation by one-third. But how could they increase their distribution without incurring the added expense of one-third more carriers? At the time, the circulation department relied on a system that printed route lists alphabetically according to streets, not by routes. The prospect of having carriers remember 18 new publications with 11-15 different frequencies seemed impossible.

the solution

Several years earlier, The Frederick News-Post attempted to implement RouteSmart. The system was fed bad information and, as a result, produced bad information. However, when the paper's management decided to eliminate the Monday paper in April 2009 (distribution was later resumed in 2012), their circulation team knew that getting serious about RouteSmart could save the day for them. They rolled up their sleeves and successfully built new routes for their remaining Monday publications within two months by using RouteSmart for this initiative. When they later won the large publication distribution contract and needed to manage 18 new publications, they felt confident using RouteSmart to quickly and effectively add only 15 new routes to meet their new distribution demands.

the result

The Frederick News-Post has reaped more from RouteSmart than they have spent on it. In a short period of time, they saw what the software can do. They wanted to take on a large customer very quickly and in a way that made sense for their operation. What would have taken them six months to do without RouteSmart, took them 60 days. There was no way they could have successfully taken on their new customer without RouteSmart.