About Routesmart

RouteSmart helps the Columbus Dispatch deliver increased revenue, improved efficiency, and satisfied customers.

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the challenge

A daily newspaper with over 1,600 routes, the Columbus Dispatch’s routing challenge came in three parts:

  1. The newspaper needed to increase advertising flexibility to better compete for revenue from small and large advertisers
  2. From an operational standpoint, the Dispatch needed to align and balance ZIP Code “pure” daily routes for a contractor delivery force
  3. The paper also had to provide accurate delivery lists and maps for new and substitute contractors

the solution

Implementing RouteSmart for ArcGIS™ route optimization and NAVTEQ map data, the Columbus Dispatch can now automatically produce up-to-date, ZIP-pure daily delivery lists for all 1,600 routes, including turn-by-turn directions.

the result

Accurate maps have made on-boarding new contractors a much simpler task, and ZIP-pure routes have enabled the Dispatch to increase advertising revenue by presenting an affordable, industry-standard option for both small and large advertisers. The new advertising zones are now served by a contractor force that can deliver their routes more efficiently — even when the contractors are new or substitutes — leading to better service and more satisfied subscribers. “With NAVTEQ street mapping data and RouteSmart software, The Columbus Dispatch has been able to offer more flexible advertising options that increase revenue and more efficient delivery routes which benefit our contractors and bottom line,” explained Bruce Bartlett, Routing Database Manager.