About Routesmart

The Charlotte Observer used RouteSmart to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability along their subscription and non-subscription distribution chains.

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the challenge

Including their own publications, the Observer delivers 70 publications, including direct mail, subscriber, and non-subscriber distribution, with a daily circulation of over 155,000 (over 212,000 on Sundays).

The Observer wanted to cut down on fuel costs without sacrificing service by minimizing the number of routes within each Sub ZIP. However, they needed a system that enabled them to map, analyze, and optimize an efficient distribution strategy.

the solution

With a foundation of experience and solid data feeding RouteSmart, the Observer team was able to hit the ground running. “What we can do now is take the subscriber and non-subscriber addresses within each Sub ZIP, and have RouteSmart slice and dice it any way we need to,” Fryman continued. “Number of routes, number of homes, no routes longer than 3 hours – the software is very flexible and powerful, and we can experiment with different distribution strategies until we’re satisfied.”

the result

In just one year, the Charlotte Observer team has seen marked improvement in:

• KPI metrics
• Route modeling and testing
• Distribution footprint and circulation revenue
• Route efficiency and profitability
• Fuel efficiency
• Customer satisfaction