About Routesmart

PSE&G, the largest utility in New Jersey, used RouteSmart to optimize manual and AMR routes for over three million gas and electric meters across the state, and discovered multiple ways to leverage RouteSmart to create greater efficiencies.

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the challenge

PSE&G maintains approximately 3.9 million meters — 1.8 million gas and 2.1 million electric meters — across nine meter reading district offices, and read the meters manually or electronically. Meter readers previously sketched the massive routes on a map with a highlighter and made changes manually. PSE&G made a decision to increase their overall efficiency by implementing technology, personnel, and routing changes.

the solution

RouteSmart was deployed in two phases. Phase One involved regrouping where all routes statewide were consolidated, but remained on the same cycle day. Phase Two involved shifting cycles and customers were moved to new cycle days to gain further efficiencies.

the result

Over 3 million meters across New Jersey have been rerouted, regrouped, or otherwise optimized through RouteSmart. PSE&G is now exceeding their goals. They increased the meters read per book (route) and decreased the overall number of books from 330 to the 295-298 range. They built routes that cover tighter clusters of meters and aligned towns under supervisors and on the same read day. PSE&G was wasting a lot of time driving, walking and just going to different towns to read their meters. Once RouteSmart put the pieces together, the savings fell into their laps.