About Routesmart

RouteSmart helped the North East UK optimize the efficiency of its waste collection routes and realize significant cost savings.

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the challenge

There are 12 waste management authorities in the North East UK, all of which are independent and have responsibility for waste collection and disposal services. Delivering efficiencies in budgets and trying to protect public services, even enhancing them, continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing local authorities.

the solution

A regional initiative was funded by the North East Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (RIEP), which aimed to optimize the efficiency of collection routes through the use of RouteSmart. The focus of RouteSmart was to reduce vehicle and fuel usage through route reconfiguration, maximizing vehicle payloads and reducing collection costs.

the result

Savings in efficiency in fuel usage, resource utilization, and staffing have been significant so far with the 11 out of 12 authorities that have implemented RouteSmart. Several authorities reduced their working week to four days, allowing vehicles to be utilized elsewhere. In some cases, there
has been integration of the collection of commercial waste with household waste, ensuring that tonnages collected per route are maximized and are balanced across the routes.