About Routesmart

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel uses RouteSmart to streamline, integrate, and save.

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the challenge

In 2006, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel faced very specific tasks in resizing their routes. The newspaper’s logistics and planning team had to increase the size of each of their routes and reduce the number of carriers.

the solution

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel chose RouteSmart Technologies to help them revamp their routing system and integrate it with the newspaper’s circulation system.

the result

“RouteSmart has paid for itself over and over again,” Said Rick Debroux, Director of Logistics and Planning. “It was the tool we needed to efficiently see our routes, create the routes we wanted, and achieve ad zone integrity for our distribution network.”

RouteSmart also helped the Journal-Sentinel batch their redelivery requests and plan the most efficient routes for when carriers had to go back out – creating savings of over $250,000 annually.