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RouteSmart’s Outsourcing Option Provides Big Results at Low Cost for Small Daily Newspaper.

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the challenge

The Lodi News-Sentinel’s rural California routes had grown substantially, making them difficult to deliver logically. Some of the addresses were so rural that the regular drivers used trees as landmarks to find the houses. When route drivers had illnesses, breakdowns, or accidents, it took a substantial amount of time for a substitute person deliver to the route. With just 18,000 subscribers, purchasing a routing solution was necessary, but not cost effective.

the solution

Without a budget for a full-scale RouteSmart implementation, the Lodi News-Sentinel chose to outsource the mapping of their motor routes to RouteSmart. “I immediately understood the vitality and viability of the system, but I was unable to afford it,” explained Gary Greider, who heads delivery services for the paper. Working with data for 10,000 subscribers, RouteSmart created the most efficient route sequences for the newspaper. RouteSmart also gave them a delivery cost report that detailed the total cost for each route.

the result

Now, Lodi News-Sentinel can comfortably make their delivery deadlines. “The system is so easy that virtually anyone can deliver,” reports Greider. “I’m a huge believer in the RouteSmart product,” concluded Greider, “Their outsourcing services are a great solution for smaller companies that can’t afford to purchase the system.”