About Routesmart

Rerouting postal rounds with RouteSmart delivers increased productivity and savings on the Isle of Man.

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the challenge

As mail volumes decline the pressure on reducing all costs – especially delivery costs – increases. They are also the most time consuming and complex to analyze. The Isle of Man (IoM) Post Office’s existing manual routing process – a work study officer rating the performance of the delivery postman to create data about each route and overlaying this information with other data – was time-consuming. This led to errors and inconsistencies and rework.

the solution

The Isle of Man Post Office invested in the RouteSmart™ software from partner Integrated Skills Limited (ISL). As Mike Cubbon, Special Projects at Isle of Man Post Office, says: “We wanted to be able to construct delivery routes in a timely fashion, without the need for labor intensive work study analysis.” He continued, “We also required a solution that enabled us to conduct ‘what if’ scenarios giving us flexibility in our approach to reviewing work patterns and work plans.”

the result

The RouteSmart software has been applied to varying types of routes – conventional walking routes, urban and rural driving routes with combined product delivery and street box collection. As Cubbon describes: “The estimated savings generated by use of the software is in the region of £80k per full review of duties and work plans.”