About Routesmart

Indianapolis Water merges its RouteSmart experience with Citizens Energy Group’s technology to improve service for over 600,000 customers.

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the challenge

RouteSmart client Indianapolis Water (IW) merged with Citizens Energy Group (CEG) – a utility with state-of-the-art technology, but numerous routing inefficiencies. To bring the two utilities together, the companies would have to combine gas and water meter-reading routes, resources, and technology for over 600,000 customers without impacting the customer experience.

the solution

IW and CEG realized that they had a unique opportunity to leverage the “best of both worlds,” merging IW’s successful RouteSmart implementation and experience with CEG’s advanced mobile data capture technology.

CEG staff and meter readers gained more exposure to the RouteSmart experience, and former IW staff reaped the benefits of newer equipment and better data on their service area. “One of the best features is the modeling – we can consolidate, combine, slice and dice routes hundreds of different ways, right from the desktop, and immediately see what the effects will be,” Said Kyle Bowling, Meter Reading Manager.

the result

Combining accurate data and the experience of a full route redesign with RouteSmart, the integrated CEG team is already making progress, especially in identifying trouble routes, mapping new areas, managing split and mixed routes, and adjusting reading frequency and the number of routes per billing cycle. Utilizing the ESRI ArcGIS technology platform, even interim changes through RouteSmart have improved route efficiency.