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Success, Optimized: eXpert Services

Occasionally, we found our clients would run into an issue that didn’t fall neatly in the category of standard technical support – for example, no error message on the screen, so there was nothing to “fix.” To address these unconventional issues, RouteSmart offers eXpert Services.

When you require assistance beyond traditional technical support, eXpert Services provides the remote, web-based help needed to get from stuck to success, including:

  • Limited route planning consulting (e.g., how do I approach this routing problem?)
  • Assistance with routing data setup
  • Targeted application training (not recommended for new users)
  • Process/procedure guidance
  • Map or application updates
  • Script changes/updates to automated routing systems

Upon annual renewal of the RouteSmart for ArcGIS software maintenance agreement, clients receive a bundle of 5 complimentary hours of eXpert Services. Additional 10-hour bundles are available for purchase.

To learn more or schedule an eXpert Services session:

CALL: 800.977.7284, option 2 (US and Canada)
410.290.0226, option 2 (Outside US and Canada)


Download the eXpert Services information sheet >