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What is RouteSourcing™?

Whether due to personnel or timing issues, there are times you need to complete a routing project in a short period of time, and you don’t have the staff to make it happen. RouteSourcing™ is a way for transportation and distribution professionals to leverage the experience of RouteSmart Technologies’ consultants to solve unique, challenging routing problems. It’s a different approach from a typical RouteSmart solution:

  • You don’t need to license RouteSmart or learn how to operate the software
  • RouteSmart consultants perform all the route modeling and reporting work using the data you provide
  • Multiple solutions can be modeled and delivered in a much shorter time frame
  • There is no training or hardware acquisition
  • There are no additional third-party fees

RouteSourcing is a quick, efficient way to learn what RouteSmart can do for
your organization, while ensuring that you’re getting the best solution possible from routing experts. When you need to get it done, RouteSmart can help.

How Does It Work?

RouteSourcing simplifies a complex process, with expert RouteSmart consultants using the Solve-Measure-Adjust-Repeat-Transition (SMART) Method of route planning. During a RouteSourcing project, your RouteSmart expert will:

  • Review operational rules and criteria to understand your current routing process, and your greatest needs
  • Provide support and process guidance on route planning
  • Supply recommendations for changes to data, process, and configuration for ongoing route planning
  • Transfer knowledge on RouteSmart for ArcGIS® functionality to your route planning team (for RouteSmart licensees)
  • Define a documented process for route planning using RouteSmart for ArcGIS® (for RouteSmart licensees)


Who’s Using It?

City of Waco
The City of Waco, Texas, used RouteSourcing to optimize their residential waste hauling operations through improvements in fuel usage, standardization of sequences, balanced fleet size and route times, and documentation for training new drivers.

New Mexico Gas
As the result of acquiring thousands of new meters for reading and billing, NMG used RouteSourcing to optimize cycle days and routes system-wide. The newly balanced cycle days and routes included route-level individual meter sequencing and a few special districts for walking areas.

City of Albuquerque
An existing RouteSmart client, the City of Albuquerque used RouteSourcing to optimize its complex commercial trash collection routes and scheduling. The city was able to reduce the number of commercial trucks needed for normal collection service, representing a savings of $1.75 million annually.

AGL Resources (Atlanta Gas & Light)
AGL Resources took advantage of RouteSourcing to re-route approximately 75,000 gas meters for a Miami, Florida subsidiary company. By balancing and sequencing new routes, RouteSourcing helped eliminate some cycle days in order to free up the meter reader personnel for additional days of inspection work, including walking routes.

Connecticut Natural Gas

CNG contracted with RouteSmart as part of their Itron implementation of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). With new routes and geocoding, RouteSourcing helped CNG transition from 24 walking meter readers per day to two driving mobile collector routes per day. The company also moved from 21 cycle days to 20.

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