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Custom Solutions

Success, Optimized: Custom Solutions

Every RouteSmart solution is precisely tailored to meet a specific need. However, in some cases, more unique needs call for custom solutions. The RouteSmart Custom Solutions Group creates enterprise-class solutions, translating IT, GIS, data and applications into bottom-line results for clients.

Flexible and powerful, custom routing solutions from RouteSmart can be integrated with existing infrastructure, or work alongside it. Benefits include:

  • Improved system redundancy
  • Improved data sharing
  • Increased data security
  • Greater scalability
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Faster payback from geospatial investments

Who’s Using It?

From Integrations and Internet to business process flow and reporting — RouteSmart custom routing solutions delivers for its clients:

US Postal Service: With the increasing use of electronic communications, and advances in mail sorting technology, letter carriers have more time to cover more geography – in theory. The customized solution developed for USPS includes tailored routing solvers; incorporates the street network, delivery order sequencing, and satchel load limits; helps balance the workload territories; and generates custom reports.

Posti (formerly Itella): Posti’s mail delivery routes are constructed of small sections known as modules, each with a physical limitation to the number of deliveries that can be processed. Posti wanted to create primary and alternative routes based on the daily volume of mail, without changing the modules. RouteSmart customized solvers and leveraged the sector capability to produce the required modules that Posti required. Then a new procedure was introduced to allow an existing route that was sequenced by modules to have new modules inserted without disrupting any of the existing modules.

For more information about RouteSmart Custom Solutions, contact us:

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