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Success, Optimized: Training

No matter how advanced the software, it’s only as effective as the people using it. From data preparation to allocating resources, RouteSmart training offers a variety of options to ensure that each client learns the aspects of the software they need to get the most out of their solution.

Led by seasoned instructors in a variety of formats, training from RouteSmart can fit any time frame or budget – and unlocks the potential of the software. On-site, offsite, one-on-one, and even online, RouteSmart training options are as flexible as the solution itself:

Data Preparation:

  • Housekeeping / data validation and management
  • System setup and configuration
  • Operations benchmarking

General Usage:

  • Screen and map navigation
  • Reporting
  • Import / export

Route Planning:

  • Modeling and routing
  • Creating and editing scenarios
  • Using street data and networks
  • Results analysis and interpretation

Advanced Usage:

  • Workload balancing and sequencing
  • Major roads and turn defaults
  • Mixed fleet / resource management
  • GIS tools extending routing and analysis

Continued Education (Routing University):

  • Classroom training seminars based in our Columbia, MD learning center
  • Webinars and online Virtual Campus classes (free and fee-based options available) and seminars

Custom Training:

  • Configure the above options to meet more specific needs
  • On-boarding new hires
  • Hands-on training with proprietary data

INTERSECT RouteSmart User Conference:

  • The Premier RouteSmart Learning and Collaboration Event
  • One-on-one consulting in Workspace Workshops
  • Work with real-world case studies
  • Discuss uses, needs, and ideas with peers and RouteSmart professionals
  • Visit the INTERSECT User Conference website

For the latest training options available, email or call 800.977.7284.