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Success, Optimized: Hit the Ground Running With RouteSmart JumpStart

Change can be difficult. But our decades of experience working side by side with our clients has shown us that an early success with a routing project helps to ensure buy-in across the organization. Demonstrating the value of your RouteSmart investment speaks much louder than words. So how do you ensure success right out of the gate?

Even with established goals and a training timeline for your implementation, you may have an immediate challenge you want to use RouteSmart to overcome. That’s where RouteSmart JumpStart comes in. As the name implies, JumpStart gets you up and running quickly and easily, with on-site support from RouteSmart staff for your most complex routing challenges.

With walk-throughs and consulting specifically tailored to meet an immediate need, the addition of JumpStart gets your implementation moving forward fast. In our Discovery Session, we identify your issues, goals, and constraints, and an initial route planning project. We also determine how we will define success – what metrics we will use to measure the impact of the changes. With JumpStart, once we complete training, we jump right in on the project we identified, leading you through each step of the routing process in a logical and efficient path to success.

With any new process or system, there is always a learning curve. JumpStart helps to shorten that curve with:

  • Dedicated industry and product experts
  • Tailored services to fit your needs and timeline
  • Goal-driven project methodology honed through decades of experience

If you’d like to improve your time to value, or simply get your system up to speed as quickly as possible, consider adding JumpStart to your RouteSmart solution.