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Success, Optimized: Discovery Session

Implementing a routing software solution without organizational insight is like handing truck keys to a driver without a license – a disaster waiting to happen. Without knowledge about an organization’s mission, goals, people, budget, processes, and current operational environment, there is little chance that any routing solution will be aligned to meet that organization’s needs.

Understanding Before Implementing

With RouteSmart, the discovery session is critical to achieving success. Experienced professionals guide each client through a series of questions that have evolved over hundreds of engagements to uncover needs and goals. Going beyond “what do you want,” these questions help the RouteSmart team determine:

  • The relationships between people, equipment, data, and current process
  • Who the client’s customers are, as well as their needs and expectations
  • The business drivers behind the decision to change routing solutions
  • Compliance and auditing needs
  • Internal and external obstacles to a fully optimized solution
  • The level of change management required
  • The time and level of training needed for various staff members
  • The measure of success at the end of the engagement

There are many paths that can be taken to achieve your goals, and the discovery session helps determine which path makes the most sense. This information is then documented in a Discovery Summary, a roadmap for the entire process, which also includes expectations on both sides of the table. By the end of the Discovery session, you and the RouteSmart team will be on the same page in terms of:

  • Scope
  • Tactics
  • Resources Needed
  • Training
  • Time lines and Deliverables