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Management Briefing: Routing as a Service (RaaS) Enterprise Web Services for Route Optimization

Learn how routing technology gives you the power needed to adapt to changing distribution environments.

By 2018, more than 50% of deliveries are expected to shift from retail locations to residential due to the surge of e-commerce, making the job of creating efficient routes a greater challenge every day.  Route territory planning, workload balancing, and daily delivery sequencing must be as accurate and efficient as possible as residential deliveries skyrocket and routes change more dynamically than ever. Reducing travel distances—even by a small percentage—from every route, every day, can save millions of dollars and give you the edge on your competition.

This Management Briefing will explain how implementing route optimization technology to refine and improve your daily delivery processes can save hundreds or thousands of miles across your fleet every day — ultimately reducing costs for large fleets by millions of dollars over time.

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Management Briefing: Routing as a Service (RaaS)

Learn how parcel and postal carriers are utilizing RouteSmart’s Enterprise Web Services to adapt to changing distribution environments.