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Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) will be discussing their implementation of RouteSmart’s AMR Read Range-Derived Route Optimization Solution at Itron Utility Week in San Antonio, Texas October 19-21, 2014


Contact: Sean Carroll at or 800.977.7284

IREA will be a featured presenter at Itron Utility Week and will be discussing the importance of using meter read ranges to consolidate and reduce cycle days and routes. The efficiencies gained through the use of RouteSmart’s AMR solution will help IREA fully maximize savings on the investments they have made in their AMR deployment, which began in 2003.

The RouteSmart Technologies AMR Read Range-Derived Route Optimization Solutionfor utilities has proven to reduce meter reading travel distances and total route times by 50% or more, while significantly increasing daily read rates.

RouteSmart’s AMR Read Range-Derived Route Optimization Solution was created to enable utilities to leverage their AMR technology investment to its full extent. RouteSmart solves the problem by:

  • Balancing and consolidating cycle days based on the new AMR route parameters: Building geographically compact cycle days coupled with the increase in daily read rates offers many utility companies the opportunity to reduce reading days per month from 21 to as few as 5.
  • Optimizing the AMR travel path: RouteSmart’s advanced AMR solvers minimize your travel times and distances by taking into account varying read ranges of ERTs and creating a driving travel path that will decrease travel distances, allowing you to significantly increase your daily read rate.
  • Following the RouteSmart-optimized AMR travel path with TomTom: The new routes are much more efficient, but they will also be longer and you must follow a more precise path. RouteSmart’s AMR solution is integrated with TomTom Navigation Systems, enabling you to precisely execute their optimized route in the field, without requiring extensive geographic knowledge or experience.

About RouteSmart Technologies – For nearly 30 years, leading organizations in the utilities, public works, postal and parcel delivery, and newspaper industries have to come to rely on RouteSmart Technologies to solve their complex routing problems with an unrivaled combination of insight, experience, and industry specialization. RouteSmart is driven by a passion for vehicle routing technology that achieves measurable results and is continually being enhanced by an expert team focused exclusively on the needs of our clients. RouteSmart software is comprised of the leading geospatial technologies from Esri and HERE (NAVTEQ + Nokia Maps), and integrates with client-side systems to form a complete routing solution.

With deployments that span the globe, RouteSmart Technologies software forms the backbone of organizations that are responsible for serving millions of addresses on a daily basis. Our network of exclusive distributors is passionate about driving costs and inefficiencies out of the routing operations of our customers.

To learn more about RouteSmart Technologies and its Mobile AMR Read Range-Derived Route Optimization Solution, please contact Sean Carroll at or 800.977.7284. Visit RouteSmart at Itron Utility Week in San Antonio, Texas October 19-21, 2014.

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