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Why Should Your Organization Value Your Attendance at INTERSECT?

SUBJECT LINE: Request to Attend INTERSECT 2022

Dear (XXX),

As part of my desire to help our organization reap more return from our RouteSmart investment, I’d like your approval to attend RouteSmart INTERSECT 2022 Users Conference in Orlando, Florida, from April 25-28, 2022. Based on past conferences and attendee reviews, this event serves as a great opportunity to learn how to get the most value from our investment in RouteSmart.

My three days of attendance at INTERSECT gains us:

  • The opportunity to work closely with RouteSmart’s experts offering step-by-step lessons to help us solve our specific routing challenges.
  • The chance to improve our ROI by increasing our expertise using RouteSmart, saving us time and money through more efficient routes.
  • Best practices, critical insights and in-depth case studies from RouteSmart users in our industry, allowing us to capitalize on industry-leading route optimization practices.
  • Face-to-face networking opportunities with peers and experts where we can compare experiences and learn new ways to maximize RouteSmart’s benefits to improve our operations and bottom line.

Since we are already RouteSmart clients, the entire three days of learning and networking is FREE for our first registrant, saving us $799 immediately. We would only be responsible for travel, accommodations, and a few meals, which I estimate to be ($$$$).
If you approve my attendance, I will also submit a post-conference summary to share with other staff members and departments.
This is a worthwhile investment of my time that will yield great results for our organization. You can learn more about the conference registration here:

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your reply.


Conference Fee: Free for first registrant
Airfare/Transportation: ($$$$)
Hotel: $219 per night plus tax at the Loews Sapphire Falls
Meals and incidentals: Several meals are included during the conference
Total Cost: ($$$$)

OPTIONAL – Pre-Conference Training

RouteSmart offers a pre-conference training in Orlando from April 25-26, covering the following topics.

  • Turn Settings: Deep Dive
  • Introduction to the RaaS Client Portal**
  • Zones and Zone Types: Deep Dive
  • Advanced Time Window Options
  • Advanced Balancing Techniques
  • Lightning Topics
    • Route Maps
    • Geocoding Practices to Improve Match Rates
    • New Feature Review
    • More Solver Settings
    • RouteSmart Essential Tools

The training is offered at $799 for early-bird registration through March 1, 2022. After this date, registration will be $1,000 per person.

Once you have approval, you can register via the link below.